Thursday, July 25, 2013

The other day.

I feel like I haven't been around blogland for quite a while, my boys over used the downloads over the holidays, so we were put back to a super slow speed for a week or so and being quite impatient with techy stuff, I decided not to bother with the computer at all!  But we are back to a speedy speed, so I can catch up on bloggy things now. Good. 

A few random things from my week: 

* We had some weird winter weather the other day, and the light outside went all green, the garden looked very surreal and everything had this strange tinge to it, hard to capture on camera, but I tried.
Then in the evening we had an amazing sunset and the whole sky turned beautiful shades of peach and pink, really spectacular.  I love a good sunset!

* I didn't end up getting to the Wool Show in Bendigo, but I am going to the Stitches and Craft show tomorrow in Melbourne, so we will see what that is like.  I have been one other year and it was very quilt/sewing/fabric focussed, but I think yarny things are gaining in popularity so hopefully there will be a bit more wooly goodness this year.

* I have just received a new order of wool for my shop, lovely new things :Zara extra fine merino, sooooo gorgeous to use and rich jewel shades, and Loyal DK which has a beautiful rainbow of colours.  Can't wait to get the photos taken so I can pop them in the shop! Very exciting, I am having a lot of fun extending my range little by little!

So what have you been doing lately?  
Seen any great sunsets?

Have a lovely day wherever you are in the world!



  1. Hi Jules,What an absolutely beautiful sunset!!!I am really very fortunate to see a spectacular sunset everyday!!!And everyday is different,they are never the same!!!!Hope there will be lot of woolie loveliness at the show and enjoy your time there!!!Lucky You!!!

  2. What a bizarre light - it looks like everything was really still and quiet as well. The sunsets are beautiful though - I'd love a jumper in those colours! Jane x

  3. When the sky turns a greenish color here it usually means tornado weather and Run For Shelter! Glad you just had a gorgeous sunset!! Love the pictures!

  4. Hey Jules, slow interhet speed, bah!! No fun at all.....
    Beautiful sunsets.
    I hope you enjoy the stitches and craft show. I went about 5 years ago and
    quite enjoyed it.

    Have a great weekend,

    Claire x

  5. Nice pictures - the sunset is beautiful. Have fun at the craft fair. :)

  6. Lovely sunset pictures, I just found your blog today and thought I would peruse for a while, if you don't mind. I am quite new to this blogging thing and I am slowly getting the hang of it.


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