Thursday, July 18, 2013

Making day....

Hi there!
How's your day been going?

I have had  a bit of a creative day, making more layers for some tree decorations, I am hoping to maybe finish these ones by the end of the weekend.  

I have been inspired to get cracking on these because my order of cute pompom trims arrived the other day, so I have lots of new colours to play with!

There is nothing like a heap of new haberdashery supplies to get my crafty enthusiasm going, I tend to go a bit overboard with the ribbons and trims!

I am really happy with this lot of colours and how they are looking all together, Just what I had in mind! Don't you love it when you head vision works out in real life! :)

My table was a lovely colourful mess, I did enjoy myself!

I will have to try and tidy up a bit before I start tomorrow,
 but I am sure it will end up looking very similar.

I had an extra crafty day really, as I also blocked all the squares that I have finished for the 'Wheels within Wheels' blanket.  Oh my, they look so much better!  Show you tomorrow!

(I bought my pom pom trims from Craft Queen, I found the service Nicole provided was excellent, and her range of different craft supplies awesome!!  She has a massive ribbon section too, so many lovely things! And 10 pages of washi tapes!!!  It is definitely worth a browse if you are into this type of thing!)

Anyhow, I think that's all for today, I'm going back to hook some new wheels!




  1. a colourful lovely creative mess!!!! Love it!!!! Have fun!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  2. Your table - along with the yarn in the background - looks like happiness to me. :)

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  4. I can't wait to see the finished results! Your posts always make me happy.

  5. Looking forward to seeing what you do!
    I do love those trims I'll be heading over to that link shortly x

  6. So pretty and colourful, there nothing like a table full of craftermath (crafting Mess) as I like to call it, to show you've had a good day.

  7. Actually the DO look really nice all together. It certainly will make a pretty picture (and pretty trees) I decorated our trees in the garden as well last year but after one winter they got really soaked and dirty. Such a pity.
    I don't know whether you've got a lot of rain in your neighbourhoud but aren't you afraid they will all go bad after some bad weather months?

    I've discovered that it is possible to crochet with plastic ribbons (cut and torn from recycled plastic bags). They do look really lovely and have one BIG advantage: they are rain- resistant!
    Have a look:

  8. lovely colours! and so straight crocheted - very nice!
    love your crafters table mess ;-)

  9. I love creative days like that. I have been painting a fence which is slightly less creative but necessary. Shopping on my very own tomorrow without little people, toilet stops and small fingers. Jo x

  10. Your sense of color is phenomenal!

  11. Hi friend I love your blog always has nice things here, hugs ...

  12. Hi There, Looks like the type of fun I love!!!Playing with colors and yarn!!!Perfect!!!What more can anyone ask for!!!OK!!!Trimmings!!!Ribbons!!!Hey!!!You have it all!!!
    Have a great week!!!


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