Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Crochet Along Progress and Update #7


I thought it was about time for another crochet along post. 
 I have just seen that my last one was back in January, so this is well over due! 
Sorry about that!  So on the off chance that anyone is still interested in this project, I will post some progress. :)

First up though, I thought you might like to see how my blanket is looking all up, I think it is getting to a reasonable size, about half way through now, and is quite a heavy piece of fabric! stretches out for miles!!

Look at the lovely neat folded edge, and then the horrible, scary loose thread edge below, I think I will be using my cheats edge to deal with all those threads, don't think I could face all that darning.

...It is hard to take a picture of it all laid out, it has gotten quite large, there is a lot of wool used in this blanket already.  I think my colour selection may have gone a bit off course here and there, but I guess this is such a big blanket that I might get away with it.

Are you getting on with this project?  I am trying to concentrate a bit more on this blanket, but I keep finding side projects that get in the way!

So here is the new bit I have made since the last update:


After the pink and light aqua outline cluster pattern, 

in mint, starting on right side, 2 rows sc (up and back), then

in light blue 1 row 4dc cluster pattern, then

in dark blue 2 rows sc (up and back), then

a section of chevron stripe in red and light pink, then

in pale blue 2 rows sc, then

a section of bobbles in green and mid blue, then

4 x 2rows of sc in pale blue, celery,red and light aqua, then

3 rows of granny stripes in flamingo, pale pink and flamingo again.

So that is where I am up to at the moment!

 I have also managed (I hope) to add a linky thing to this post, so if you'd like to share a link to your mixed stitch blanket I'm sure everyone would love to visit and admire them!

Thank you to all the lovely ladies who have sent me emails with picture of your blankets, I love to see what you come up with from this crochet along!  Most of you are miles ahead of me, so it gives me some incentive to get cracking with my blanket. 

Have a great day, and I hope the linky thing works!


  1. Its gorgeous Jules.
    I have taken ages on my crochet jumper so what you have done is wonderful ☺

  2. It's looking so pretty - I love all the different stitches and colors. :)

  3. This is beautiful and unique! You have such great taste for color and pattern!

  4. Hi There, That is truly gorgeous!!! Love your colors!!! Very unique!!!

  5. Your blanket is looking very good already, I stuck with you until after the first red and pink clamshells, I see I have a lot of catching up to do. Thank you for writing down this beautiful pattern.

  6. Hi Julie, your blanket is fabulous! Just love it, which is good really because I've invested a bit into it too!!! I've decided, as there doesn't seem to be new stitches, to just bumble along on my own to the end now : -) I still think I'm about a third of the way through ... yikes!!! But I must say I love looking at mine folded up pretending to be a finished blanket!!

  7. Stunning......simply stunning! xxx

  8. I'm in love! With your blanket!! Colors are superb and patterns all go together fabulously!

  9. Thank you. I've been waiting eagerly for the next instalment - this will keep me busy for a while.

  10. Beautiful blanket!!!!!!


  11. Love it! I think the colors are fantastic. :)

  12. It's so beautiful! love it, I would be sewing the ends in as I go so I wouldn't have to face them all at the end :)

  13. wow it's stunning I love your blanket.

    Clare x

  14. My heart skipped a beat....beautiful! :) x

  15. This is beautiful. Love the colours you are using!

  16. This blanket is lovely!

    I was wondering how well the cheats edging would work on a baby's blanket? Obviously it would be washed more than a grown ups blanket so could the ends escape from the crochet binding do you think? I am making one at the moment and the prospect of having to sew all those ends is very daunting!

  17. So beautiful! I'd love to take one of these on in the future.

  18. Your blanket is just such a happy happy blanket. I am currently taking part in a YarnBombing project in New Zealand.... have been wondering what to make for the trunk and I think I just found it. I bought around 8 colours of very bright wools which will be perfect for the project. I'll keep you up to date with the progress.... its going to be a the most wonderful tree in Greerton...

    Thanks for the inspiration :) Belinda

  19. beautiful work. A question, how do you weave in one direction? Do not you turn your work?
    Thanks for answering


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