Tuesday, April 16, 2013

15/52 Year of happy

 Four things that made me happy this week....

1.Seeing the seeds I sowed all taking off, always an exciting time, makes me want to get out in the garden.

2. I planted a batch of snowpeas seedlings that I've grown from seed, so nice to get them into the ground before they get too root bound ( something that happens a bit round here I'll admit, it is easy to keep putting little jobs like this off until it is too late!)

3. It was the last week of the school holidays, and Max loves a family board game, so I found myself roped into several games of Monopoly and Risk.  This one is more about making Max happy than me, but it is nice to see your children enjoying something and wanting to do something with you even if it's not your favourite thing!

4. Got stuck into a bit of baking the other day, the kitchen smelt great!

Another thing that made me happy was the lovely response and comments to the start of my diamond blanket, you guys are so great, thank you so much for coming here and reading my stuff and just getting the crochet, crafty love!!!    It did put a big smile on my face reading all the comments, I love sharing my makes with you all, you are always so kind and supportive, blogging is the best!

So what's makng you smile today?  


  1. What made me happy today was receiving the package of gorgeous, sumptuous yarn I received from your shop today! It's even prettier than online and oh soooooo soft. I can't believe it arrived all the way here in the middle of America when I didn't order it that long ago at all. I have no idea what I'm going to make out of it, just enjoying all of the brilliant colors now :)

  2. Today was not the best here but all of those pictures made me smile. The game mostly because I love playing games with the family but I hate Monopoly. lol Send cookies!!!

  3. Love the biscuits, reminds me of all the ones I used to make for my 4 when younger.
    Of course all old now lol. Blogs are fun and help me keep on track with doing things

  4. Hi There, Yummy!!!! Oatmeal,choc chip and ginger snaps??!! with coffee and a game!!! What a wonderful break you guys are having!!!

  5. Happy pictures! Your garden seems having a good start! Well don, and I'm sure your veggies will be growing fine!
    baking? so yumm looking cookies!
    have a happy day!

  6. I had to to a double take at your first picture - it looks just like my collection of seedlings in various stages of growth! :O) - I have to say that seeing my seeds take off also makes me happy and eager to get out into the garden. Sunshine makes me happy - I don't mind the cool temperatures or the howling wind at the moment - just give me some feel-good sunshine and I am a happy girl :o) - Have a wonderful day.

  7. You and your seedlings!! Mine have just gone in so I am very jealous, that's this pesky UK weather for you. I have had a joyous day reaching a new years resolution goal of giving crochet lessons. See here.



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