Monday, April 22, 2013

16/52 year of happy

Four things from my week that made me happy.

1. I was given late acceptance in a little craft festival at the end of last week, it is on next Saturday, so I have a week to get some finished things together!  I have decided to make a few chunky scarfs, they are fun to knit and can be finished in a day or two.  This week I am going to be crafting up a storm!!  Hopefully I'll have a few tadah moments to share here.  I think I work well with a deadline, very motivating!

2. Gary and I went for a drive into the hills to a bulb farm and I bought some lovely bulbs for my Spring garden. I am giving tulips a go this year, so gorgeous, and also a heap of new freesias and ranunculus and some pink daffodils, looking forward to Spring already!

3. It is sale time at the big fabric/wool/craft supply shops at the minute, and I couldn't resist getting some new wool at heavy discounts.  I'll show you the rest of my haul later! 

4. Knitting in the car, it just feels like very productive time!  I hate just sitting there with nothing to keep my hands busy.  (I end up just falling asleep!)

I had lots of other things I could have added here today, the weather has been beautiful and Autumnal, leading to many happy moments just pottering about in the garden, or sitting outside with a cool drink.
It is going to be a busy week around here, I hope I can get everything done in time!


How has your week been? 
Lots of happy moments I hope!

Talk soon!



  1. Congratulations on being accepted to show your knitted work, this is my dream. I hope you enjoy It and sell lots!

    I enjoyed looking at your blog, if you want to visit my knitting and crafting blog you are more than welcome!

  2. Another happy week - I am really glad that Jen established this weekly post as it!s so nice to share our happy weeks x

  3. Hi There, What a happy week filled with color you had!!! Please post a photo of your bulbs when they're in bloom!!! I can just imagine the colors!!!!
    Hope you have a fantastic week!!!

  4. So pretty and happy. Which yarn are you using for the scarves? They are so beautiful.

  5. I hope the craft festival goes well for you, the yarn it the last shot is such a wonderful colour. I love Spring bulbs it's so beautiful here in the UK at the moment with them all in bloom, plus they are great low energy gardening year upon year of colour.
    Clare xx

  6. Nice week for you! Bulbs to plant, knitting to click click, new yarn, and craft festival......Life is Good. Good luck with all of this and have lots of fun, hope you do well. xoRobin

  7. Much luck at the craft fair! I also knit and crochet in the car. And many other places where I am just sitting and waiting. :)

  8. Hope you do well at the craft fair. It can be quite stressful preparing for it but as you said sometimes pressure increases our production....and I can definitely agree with that. happy knitting

  9. We're having the first real week of springtime weather around here so this week is all about the garden for me. I can't wait to dig in ad get thins cleaned up, plant the potatoes, turn the soil. Exciting days for sure.

  10. You are my crochet-idol!!! I'm from Argentina, do you read in Spanish?
    I invite you to my place:


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