Friday, March 15, 2013

little granny squares (love)


I have a lot of colourful pictures for you today.
My little granny squares are multiplying rapidly and I think they look so gorgeous I went a bit mad with the camera. 

This project is turning into something pretty awesome if I do say so myself, 
it is making me very, very happy.  A simple 2 round granny square with a round of 
single crochet to edge each square, what could be easier?  

The joy in these square comes with the endless colour combinations, each new square adds something different to the mix.  Sooooo much fun! ( I'm easily pleased I think! :) )

I took these pictures when I had made a couple of dozen squares, I have made more since then, so it is looking more interesting all ready.  I am also trying to be very disciplined and sew in the ends as I go, so far so good. they are laid out nice and neat.......

I thought it might be nice to see the different colour combinations that make up the whole picture....
 it might be good to see how they can work together in one project, I know it's not rocket science, and totally frivolous, but it's still nice to see I think.

 ......there are blues / aqua / green /white ......

............pinks / reds / pale blue/ pale aqua......... / blue / aqua / pale pink / white....

.......pastels...... blues /pinks / reds / white ............

.........mixed in with some limey greens......
and when you put them all together you get a lovely combination of colour that looks great !
( I think anyway!)

.....and here the Brady Bunch photo shot of some of the whole lot! ones waiting to join in......

...and so the pile grows......

...I think a bit of blocking will make a big difference to their 'squareness'....

Well, I apologise for the granny love overkill, but you do know how I love a bit of colour!

Anyway, I think I will make these into a baby blanket, so not too big and daunting.  And then I think I will make some more because I think they would make pretty cool pillow slips for my bed.

I'll show you my progress next week, hopefully I might be sewing some together by then.

I hope you have a great colourful weekend!


PS.  The yarns I am using for these grannies is a mixture of Colorworks 8ply, Babywool 8ply and Merino Magic 8ply, all the ones I am selling in my shop :)

PPS. Do you think 'inspiration packs' of wool with different colour combinations
 would be a good thing?


  1. Never an overkill of colors for me :) Its something we need in life, when I look outside my window...... its March and the snowflakes are still falling overhere, cold! blehhhhhhhhhh...

  2. I think the inspiration packs sound brilliant! Sometimes it is hard to see how the colours will go together when they are balls of yarn and it suprises me on pinterest how many 'weird' combinations look amazing.

    I am working up the courage to make a granny square blanket. I have stuck with stripes so far as all those ends to sew in seems quite daunting!

  3. A feast for the eyes. Thanks for showing us your work. Jo x

    Check out my colourful blanket here:

  4. Just beautiful! I love the colours you have chosen.
    M xxxx

  5. I so's all about the colour isn't it! Love those colour combinations.

  6. Lovely! I could do with a bit of colour as it is snowing here, yet again... You keep snapping bright and cheerfull pictures, I love them!

    x Ilse

  7. The granny squares are beautiful nothing beats them - I love the yarn :)

  8. Such yarny eye candy such a feast for the eyes. I love them :o)
    Clare x

  9. So cute! Anything miniature is adorable :) Can't wait to see them all sewn together!

  10. Love all this colour! And I think inspiration packs is an awesome idea! I would buy it

  11. Oh that's lovely :) Colours all around!!

  12. Beautiful color combinations, and yes, color combination packs would be great. I am new to crochet and have not used wool yet. I am looking at the wool in your store, and I am assuming that since it is all 8 ply, I can mix and match brands? Is the wool washable? Thank you for any guidance!! Kerri

  13. Carried away? No, not al all...

    I simply adore all kind of colours and overkill all the time. Want to have a look?

  14. Colours great and definitely go with the packs. It would make it so much easier for those who procrastinate about their colour choices.

  15. Grannies are looking really grand and will look absolutely awesome once completed. Lucky recipient!

    A month ago, I crochet some granny pouches for my daughters' friends and stitched a couple of granny pin cushions for my crafting friends.

    Happy crocheting!


  16. Those grannies are gorgeous, beautiful bright colors, and the edge it may be simple but I like it, it gives a nice touch, yes I really like them :)

    ave a nice weekend!

    Lluisa x

  17. Hey Julie, can never pick whether it's the lime greens or pink/reds which I love the most and catch my eye.
    They all look lovely in whichever combination you place them.
    A baby's blanket sounds like a nice little project for these squares.

    I think inspiration packs sounds like a fab idea, you certainly know how to put wonderful colour combos together.

    Claire :}

  18. Lots of lovely colourful squares, I can't wait to see the finished product. I am just about to start a baby blanket with lots of little squares, isn't it satisfying to see them all pile up so quickly. Enjoy. Chel x

  19. Loving the colours - very cheery :)

  20. Never apologise for granny square loving!! Truely awesome little squares you've got, my fave combination was the pastels but I am loving them all together :)

    Your blog description might need updating, you might still think you're new to crocheting but you're awesome at it! :) x

  21. Hi! Love these! Im a beginner so could you put up the pattern for these little lovelies please? Packs of coloured yard all ready for granny making is a great idea! Thanks. Julie

  22. I have a kind of obsession with granny squares also. Just finished one blanket and 2 days later started another :)

  23. Great !
    Greetings from Poland :)

  24. I thinks they are absolutely gorgeous! And yes some inspiration packets would be a great Idea!

  25. love, love, love the colours.....please send me a copy of the


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