Monday, March 18, 2013

11/52 Year of Happy

Four things from my week that made me happy.

1. I had a visit to CERES in Brunswick with our community garden group, it was a lovely day out, and I saw some interesting food gardens.  It was also the start of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, and Matt Preston (of Master Chef fame) was wandering around too, so a bit of celebrity spotting went on as well! (I think they were having some foodie event there that he was hosting)

2. I got a couple of new crochet books, will do another post on them later. (but lots of good stuff in them I'll tell you right now!)

3. Working my way through my scrap box of wool, nice to use up odds and ends.

4. Some lovely creative time spent working on my little grannies, I pretend that I have a studio and that making stuff is my job, so I just have to sit there and hook away!

How has your week been?

PS. Thanks for all the nice comments regarding my new granny project, you are all so lovely, and I have already fallen off the wagon of replying to comments in the posts, shame on me! Sorry!
I'll try harder I promise :)


  1. 500 Crochet Blocks, yowsers.......that's certainly going to be an inspiring book Julie.
    Isn't it fun to pretend sometimes?.......
    The trip to Brunswick looks interesting, no doubt you picked up some great ideas. Did you see 60 Minutes last night? There was a story about food production.......loved the segment about disused warehouse roofs in Brooklyn/New York being turned into gardens ......
    Have a great wee,...

    Claire :}

  2. Lovely, lovely granny squares. What is it going to be?
    Love the books also. I don't have this ones, but they looks like would be fun!
    Have a great week !

  3. Very nice, I like it!
    Greeting Olga from

  4. Those crochet books look very interesting so I'm looking forward to your review. Those granny squares really are so very pretty.
    Anne xx

  5. All that warmth and heat makes me envious, here in the UK it has been raining and grey forever, we are all fed up. The food gardens (allotments?) look great, I LOVE those sorts of places.

  6. Lots of wonderful things to be thankful for, looking forward to hearing about the books.

  7. Hi from another cold, grey and wintry day in the UK. Blow some warmth over will you! I've just bought a block book too and started on the Canny Cal. More square crocheting for me to do. Take care. Chel x

  8. I love reading you're 'year of happy' posts, it's such a great idea. The community garden looks amazing :0)
    Clare x

  9. The scrap bin does send the heart a flutter doesn't it?


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