Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lucky, Lucky...


Well, look what the postie delivered to me the other day, my very own super cool geometric patterned tights!  

I was very lucky and won them from the lovely Kate over at Foxs Lane.  I have to say they are very comfy tights, and far cooler than the rest of my wardrobe! ( I tend to dress for gardening most days, so my image is somewhat daggy to say the least!)  

I think Kate is right, a denim skirt is definitely on my wish list! 
 (Or should I say, a denim skirt that fits. I actually do have one already, and tried it on with my new tights, only to find that the 'cuddly' layer of fat I have put on over winter means that it no longer squeezes over my large arse! Joy. Hitting the gym as of tomorrow!)

Anyway, these tights are really great, and I am going to wear them proudly, fat butt and all!
So thank you very much Kate, you're a legend!

I'll be back soonish with a crochet update.  Life has taken a turn for the hectic, and my days have become really full, I have 3 part time jobs all of a sudden, as well as normal mum stuff, so my nice cruisey pace of life has certainly amped up!  Sorry for my tardy posts, but I am trying to find a bit of a new routine where I can fit everything in, including blogging.  I'll work it out soon I hope!

How has life been going for you?
Do you put on a winter layer too?
Are you a tights girl too?
Are you looking forward to summer/winter wherever you are?


  1. HI!

    Yes, I'm looking forward to summer although as it's August in UK I think it may have been. I love the sun, but I do love autumny colours too. Thick tights are ace.

    I'm very jealous of those tights...
    I think I may have to go to the web site as I didn't win a pair..
    Take care

  3. Fab win of them on with denim skirt pleeeease....

    Life's good here, yes, I have put on a Winter layer, plus a Spring, Summer and Autumn layer too!!
    As they say in the country....I've been in a good paddock.
    But intend to walk a few kilos off whilst on hols....hopefully!!
    Am looking forward to Spring and the garden taking off but not looking forward to Summer.
    Enjoy those tights, great colour and pattern.

    Claire :}

  4. Those tights are the cutest, you will look great in them

  5. Hooray!!!!
    I'm so pleased you love them Jules!
    I've been wearing mine like a uniform.
    And chucking my work over alls over the top when it's get dirty time.
    I look forward to seeing a pic of you wearing your denim skirt ensemble and standing on top of the dresser soon. x

  6. LOL at the winter layer. I put on a summer layer due to lovely food on holiday. Should come off when term time routine is re-established.

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  8. Oh such lovely tights, you lucky lady! I seem to be putting on a summer layer over my winter layer and really need to get this body moving, lol. I am so excited for fall to come and love the hints of chilly air in the mornings. I've been hookin along with my random stripe. It's looking kinda wild!

  9. I love the tights i am known for my love of fancy tights and i am always happy when i can wrap up for winter!

  10. Parabéns, Jules!

    Aqui no Brasil estamos no inverno. Eu moro no Rio Grande do Sul, onde faz bastante frio. Mas neste ano, está muito quente! Hoje estamos com 32ºC, em pleno inverno! Dizem que é o fenômeno "El niño"...

    Confesso que estou ansiosa pela primavera e todas as suas cores!


  11. I love tights too! Those you got are way cool. Yesterday I saw a woman in knee socks, very mod. I think I'll have a go at those this year too. Cheers!

  12. Poo! I wanted to win those ; -)


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