Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Round here...

It feels like a while since I have posted here, so I thought I'd do a bit of catching up with what has been happening around these parts.  
A couple of weekends ago we went down to Inverloch for the weekend, just the 5 of us, it was a lovely family weekend, we stayed in a great self-contained cabin (it was a really flash cabin!) at the RACV Resort down there.  There was hardly any people there on the Friday, the boys had the pool to themselves, very relaxing! 

There was a cool playground with a flying fox and a big climbing frame that the boys had fun on, we were lucky with the weather, it was cold but didn't rain much so we could still get out and about.

The boys had a lovely room that they quickly felt at home in!!

The next day we went for a drive down to Wilson's Prom and had a walk on the Tidal River beach, such a beautiful area, there was no one else there (probably because it was super freezing!), and we had  fun walking down the river bank.  That part of the coast is very scenic and it really is a lovely drive through the National Park.  I am not really fond of long drives but I am getting better at it I think!

Did I mention it was cold???

So anyway, we had a great weekend, and then it was back into normal life for us all.  

I have started a new job as a cooking teacher at Max's school one day a week.  They have a kitchen garden program that has not been running for a while, but now the cooking side of it is going again! Yay!  Hopefully the garden side will be reinstated too and the kids will get to grow the food we cook with, there is a big vegie garden that is a bit neglected but full of potential!  
To tell the truth I am finding it quite stressful adjusting to working so much more than I am used to (I have also taken on 2 more days of gardening work recently, so have 5 days of part time work now), I am sure we will all get used to this more hectic routine, but the kids are already complaining about the lack of home baked treats! ( my baking time has taken a beating).  I think they have been a bit spoiled, time to get them into the kitchen and cooking some treats for themselves!

Anyway, enough of that stuff, I am not whinging really, I am just feeling the change from my nice open days where I could do as I pleased, to a much more structured week.  Busy, busy, busy!!

Last week Jesse partnered one of his friends to their Deb Ball, she lives down the street from us, here he is as he walked down to catch the limo from her place. (I went too, had to have a sticky beak at all the girls' dresses and take a heap of photos!) They all looked gorgeous, and had a great night, Jess had a few mates staying at our place, and they all rolled home around 4.30am the next morning, the after party being even more important than the actual event, me thinks!

Sooo......that's a bit of what's been going on round here, lots of family stuff, but I have found a little, tiny bit of crochet time too!  


  1. Hi Julie!
    You were at the Prom and didn't drop in for a cuppa!! Hope you had a fabulous time there, even though it was "coolish"!!
    Good luck with your new job as cooking teacher at the school. Our local school has the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Project, so once a week the kids have a cooking lesson, and once a week they have a garden class. It's fabulous.
    Started "the" blanket today and I'm on the 3rd row : -) Read on someone else's blog that you are Scottish? Is that just a rumour going around ; -)
    Cheers, Trudy

  2. It certainly does look rather brisk Julie! Glad you had some nice 'time out' family time which is so important.
    Your lad does look very smart, and yes I do believe the afterparty is what they really look forward to lol. Our boy has his formal next month. Lots happening this time of year that's for sure.
    cheers Wendy

  3. oh wow - I have just been asked to look writing a submission for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program at the school I used to work at (where my kids go) and I have just been looking at lots of websites about kitchen gardens. I'd love to see what you have at your school.


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