Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Not much happening.....

How is your week going ?
Mine is going quickly already!!

We had a busy weekend, going down to Geelong to catch up with friends and family, and I always find it takes me a couple of days to get back into the swing of things when I get home from a weekend away. The washing alone seems to be even more overwhelming than usual!!

Not a lot of crafting time at the moment, the weather is really beautiful today and is supposed to stay this way for the rest of the week, so I am trying to give the garden some attention. I have bought a mountain of seeds and need to get them in the ground! And mowing and weeding are also on the agenda, so there is the next few days sorted!

Thought you might like a peek at the next bit of the stripey blanket that I've done, it does look just like the rest of it, but trust me, this is a new bit! I am hopeful that I will have this blanket finished in the next fortnight, so I won't show any more till a big ta da post. I can't wait to get this finished!!

........Bought myself this gorgeous pattern the other day off etsy. It's called The Beekeeper Quilt, I've never bought a PDF pattern before, but it was super easy, and I think I will be buying a few more this way in the future.
I couldn't resist the cute little puffy hexagons, and I think it will be a lovely blanket to do in between other stuff. I found it at Tiny Owl Knits, there is a lovely blog too.

Anyway, hopefully I'll have a bit more to chat about next post, must sort out my giveaway, I haven't forgotten, just been side tracked by real life!!
Have a great day!


  1. I love the colours in your blanket - they are just so cheerful!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Such a lot of gorgeousness in one little post! I immediately went over to Little Owls and ordered the bee keepers quilt pattern. It's stunning, as is your stripy blanket! Such wonderful colours. xxxx

  3. Love the blanket! And I absolutely cannot wait for the Tah-Dah post!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Your blanket is looking good!!! Such pretty colours.

  5. I love your blanket! Cant wait to see it finished....have you used a pattern or are you just improvising as you go?

  6. I love this blanket, I saw a similar idea in a magazine that I wanted to try, but yours is more colourful and much more gorgeous!

    S x

  7. LOVE your blanket, can't wait for the TA-DAH!!!!! Can you mention the different rows of stitches? : ) ; ) PLEASE ❤❤ xoRobin❤

  8. Hey Jules, get the trumpets ready for the 'ta da' post........can't wait to see the whole rug. You've been tempting and teasing us with snippets of gorgeousness.

    Love the single row of bright blue in the second pic, stunning Spring colours

    Must pop over to Tiny Owls Knits and check it out.

    Gardening is in full swing up here too, beautiful weather , too nice to stay indoors and too many weeds........

    Claire :}

  9. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone!
    Robin - the rows of stitches i've done in the 2nd photo are, from top to bottom, ( blanket is upside down in this photo, oops!),
    pale pink row of s/c,
    watermelon row of d/c, watermelon row of d/c with lime bobbles, and one more watermelon row of d/c,
    pale pink 2 rows s/c,
    pale blue row of s/c,
    lime row of 4 d/c in 1st stitch, skip next 3sts, then 4d/c in next st, continue in this pattern to end of row.
    dark blue 2 rows s/c,
    aqua row , same pattern as lime row,
    red and pink alternating rows of s/c.
    hope this helps!

    and louise, yes I am just improvising as I go, nothing terribly fancy going on in this one, I don't know enough complicated stuff!

  10. Your stripey blanket is coming out so nice - I love all the different colors and stitches. :)

  11. Your blanket is amazing. Can't wait to see the whole thing! I saw the Beekeepers quilt too. It looks like fun!

  12. I can't wait to see the finished product - I fall more in love every time you show a new photo!

  13. That blanket is soooo me! What yarn are you using? The colours are just gorgeous!

  14. I love this blanket so much! The way the stripes aren't just different colours but different patterns is really interesting, to be honest it looks like something you could buy in a shop only it's 10 times better!!

  15. Hey Jules, just had to pop back and say thanks for the link to Tiny Owls Knits.
    Some time ago, maybe even 12 months I spied a pair of wrist warmers with sweet a sweet little Red Robin and a nest on them and fell in love.
    Silly me, didn't take note of where I saw them.......yep, you guessed it Tiny Owls Knits. Now I just need to track me down a knitter, hehe..........

    The beekeepers blanket looks amazing too........

    Another gorgeous day here, so gardening it is.

    Claire :}

  16. When I jumped to your blog by change I suddenly stopped breathing when seeing your new blanket. It is so most beautiful, oh my God, one of the most beautiful blankets I have seen. Can´t wait to see it finished!
    With my best wishes,
    PS: Have to comment anonymouse because google or blogger don´t allow me to comment when I am signed in. Sorry.

  17. I am so in love with your blanket, I immediately safed the picture of it, love the colours and especially the rows with the funny little bobbles. So pretty.
    With my best wishes,
    PS: I have to comment anonymus, just in case you wonder, but blogger seems to don´t like me at the moment.

  18. Oh my do I know what you mean about laundry build up! Story of my life! Really enjoy seeing the progress you are making on your very creatively stitched ghan. So inspiring!

  19. Hi Jules, love how your blanket is looking ....can't wait for the ta-dah. Took me a week to catch up with the washing after a week away !!
    Jacquie x

  20. hi jules
    i am so in love with your blanket. i love the color and the different pattern.the rows with the bobble is absolutley my favorite.thanks for the inspiration!!
    have a nice day,

  21. Your bobbles are driving me silly.

    They really add that ZING ! ! !

    Hexie puffs,
    am I going to have to join in the fun ! ! ! !


  22. I'm a brand new follower and whilst I'm not new to hooking (my dear grandma taught me 30years ago and I've never forgotten) I'm new to following patterns and creating. My grandma made everyone one of her children (6) and grandchildren (35) and then great-granchildren (12 when she passed) a blanket, but they were all in the same treble stitch square shape with a simple flared edging. I'm having a go at following patterns & am finding it easier than I initially feared it would be....I can knit a little too but cannot follow a pattern to save myself! I did come via Lucy over at Attic24 and I'm currently having a go at making the frilly round cushion she finished recently. Mine's definitely not as colourful as Lucy's (purple and cream only), but I am loving how it is coming along.
    I love the look of your stripey blanket and am going to make my way back through your posts and leave some more comments. I think I need to learn a few more stitches and play a fair bit more before I venture onto something as gorgeous as your blanket pattern.
    So pleased to see fellow hookey friends from Oz on blogger. I've been blogging for a couple of years already, but that is when I wear my other "crafty" hat - as a cardmaker. Definitely going to follow some of the links you've shared.
    Thanks for the inspiration. Cheers, Michey (from Sydney) xx


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