Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy weekend...

What a gorgeous weekend!!
It is the last couple of days of winter, but we had a taste of things to come with a beautiful sunny, still day , just perfect for getting out in it!

So that's what we did.

My friend and I are golf widows most Saturdays, so I gave her a call and we took our boys for a great stroll along the beach.....

.......negotiating the creek wall without getting wet.....

.........we had the beach pretty much to ourselves.....

........couldn't keep the clothes on the kids, even though it was still quite chilly, Max had a bit of a dip, I guess there is no point going to the beach without getting wet.......

......digging the hole......

..........burying the littlest, heaps of fun!!

.....stopped for and icy pole at the corner shop on the way back......

..............and I had to show you one of my favourite houses down there, the cute little heart house, I'd love to live in house like this near the beach one day........

So all in all a lovely day.
I visited my grandpa and aunt this morning with my sister and nieces, and did a bit of sowing some summer seeds and chatting with the boys, and they did some cleaning up around here while I was out, which was much appreciated, so it was quite the busy weekend, you can fit a lot into 2 days when the weather is inspiring!

I hope you had a great weekend too!
What did you get up to?


  1. That really does look like you had lots of fun -- and I am sure a warm shower was needed for all that sand!

  2. Your beach looks lovely, but somehow different to ones by us. The creek wall climbing is very impressive. We took our boys to a vintage agricultural show (we live in a very rural area) think old tractors and horse and plough etc... The kids were also used as a human fence for the sheepdog trials herding ducks!

  3. burying in sand is so dangerous!

  4. Hi from the other side of the globe. You are absolutly graet! I'm so glad that I found you in internet mazes. I read, I wacht, I wonder :) I believe that my crafts now will be a little bit richer- with a little piece of You :)

    Mante from Lithuania

  5. It´s always again funny to hear your seasons are completely reverse to ours here at Europe. While I am already start clearing and preparing my flower beds for the next, and hopefully not too soon coming, winter, you are seeding and thinking of all the flowers which will grow during the next months. And spring in gardening is always the best, isn´t it, so many hopes and wishes and expectations. And joys!
    It must be wonderful to leave that near to the beach, I enjoyed for a long time your pictures and thought how lovely and great it must be to have our daily walks there, I much much envy you living at such a fantastic place.
    With my best wishes,

  6. The heart house is very sweet! I'd like to live in one of those too one day!

  7. Looks like you had a lot of fun! The kids, as well, with all the sand!

  8. Isn't it interesting that most comments
    are negative comments.
    Makes me wonder why they don't sign their mail and email.
    hugs from Gerry


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