Thursday, August 18, 2011

my creative space...more finishing..


Today I am hoping to get these little hats finished off and another granny softie sewn up.
Don't know if it will actually happen though as it is already 3 o'clock and the boys will be home soon and then we have basketball and dinner prep and several other things that I am sure will eat up the rest of the afternoon, so not feeling confident.
Really should have done it this morning, but went for a nice walk with a friend instead and cleaned up a teenagers room, which has taken the rest of the day!

.....Some days it's harder to be creative than others....

Hope you are getting more done than me!
Have a look over here....


  1. These hats are beautiful :) Is that your pattern? Oh and I really love the colours, the pink green blue is the best :)

  2. Love the color combinations! What yarn are you using? Wool?
    Have a wonderful day,

  3. I adore that blue/green combination! They are all amazing though.

  4. Oh what gorgeous hats..I love the colour combinations :)


  5. *sigh* oh how I wish I could crochet .. .. ..

  6. These hats are soooooo pretty!
    I have, regretfully, done no creating at all today :(

  7. Wow, Jules, you have been busy........hats are looking great, nice colour combos.

    Claire :}

  8. Great hats! I know what you mean about harder days, I have been really struggling these last few days to get a moment to be even a little creative!

  9. Wonderful hats, such great colors. A walk with a friend so, so important, what would we do without our girlfriends? Have a great day,

  10. Love the colors. How very cute!

  11. hard to be creative on the days you spend going to work... (booooooooo to working, it ruins the time you could spend having fun doing things you just love!) oh yes, how i love your combinations of colors! i am working on a granny stripe scarf, pulsewarmers and a hat for my daughter right now, the next winter is surely on it´s way. your hats are scrumptious (you just can´t have enough of `em, or?) am new here and need to check out the other posts... will i find a tutorial on your granny softies? SO SWEET :D hellos and hugs, heidi

  12. jules dear. Some time ago I think one of your pots recommended a website for photo galleries. Could you tell me what page is it? I had problems with my computer and I lost a lot of information. I'll be very grateful:) My e-mail is or
    I love your work and especially how to combine colors.


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