Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Creative stuff started....

Hi there!
It feels like ages since I've posted, the computer has been on a go-slow due to much heavy internet downloading eating up our access. Not happy.
But thankfully we begin a new month of down loading today so we should be sweet for a while, or until the next Xbox live battle marathon. Naughty boys!.

And Blogger is playing up and not letting me post my pretty pictures how I usually do it, taken me a long time to find another way, so I hope it is just a temporary turning- up- of -the -nose.
Sigh. ( sorry to be whingey)

Anyhoo..... on to happier things!
I have been a busy girl of late and have got quite a bit of stuff to chat about over the next few posts, so
my creative space today will be hopefully hooking a few more rows of my current love, this stripey, colourful, grannyish, lovely blankie.

Each row is taking quite some time, but I am very enthusiastic at the moment, with lots of colour combos and stitch variations to try, so I am getting cracking!

I can picture it on our bed looking very fine in deed, so I hope it keeps growing steadily.
What do you think, like?
Too much colour?

While the computer has been so frustrating this week, I bought myself a new camera and have been having fun playing with all the interesting things it can do. So hope to see a marked improvement in the standard of photography around Little Woollie land!
Did have a heap of nice photos to show you all, but due to Bloggers iffyness, think I will keep them for another time.

Playing along with the Creative types over here today!

Have a good one.


  1. Those colours look fabulous together! And I love the pattern you are creating there.

  2. I like the granny stripes through the regular pattern. It looks really effective. And I don't think you have too much colour, they all blend together very nicely.
    xXx Helen

  3. Oh I love it!!!!!!! I am very partial to light blue and red atm, and am also loving that leafy green too (have it coming up in a project very soon myself)

  4. simply stunning - the colours and the pattern :)

  5. That is quite scrumptious! What a great idea to break up the stripes and your colours are gorgeous as ever!
    I had issues with posting pics last night too, ended up copying and pasting which worked ok.

  6. Love your blanket, so beautiful and colorful!!'s like a 'candy' to me! Eva

  7. Love all the colors and the mix of granny with simple stripes. Very nice! Have a great day. Tammy

  8. it's looking gorgeous! love the colour combo :)

  9. WOW, the colours are fab and the pattern is wonderful. I would never have thought to crochet a rug that way. I might just have a go myself. Thanks for sharing and I hope your bloggy problems sort themselves out soon.
    Anne xx

  10. Hey Jules, you have such a great eye for colour.
    Your blanket looks great, will really brighten up a dull Winter's day........

    The different stitches really lift it.

    Such a pain when the computer or blogger play up, hope it sorts itself out ASAP and have fun with your new camera..........

    Claire :}

  11. It looks beautiful! I don't think there is such a thing as too much color. :)

  12. I love all the colors, they look fantastic together. Good luck,

  13. that looks very promising ! nice colors and colorcombination ! i hope to get a total view in the future !

  14. Hi Jules , Love your blanket so far . Reminds me of a Greengate one I saw on crejjation blog.

    Take a look if you havn't seen it ...may give you some ideas:0)
    Your colour choices are spot on as always.
    Jacquie x

  15. Jacquie, Ooh - just love your blanket. Can't wait to see how it is growing! The colours are just so lovely and cheerful. Have a good weekend. Carina x

  16. what a lovely blanket! It totally looks like the one from Greengate I posted about a few weeks ago (just like Jacquie marked), I Love yours! Very well done and chosen.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  17. I love the color combos AND the patterns! You are so great at putting it all together in such a lovely way. :)


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