Friday, June 24, 2011

What I did with the flowers........

Just a quick post to show you what I've done with some of the pretty little flowers I made last week.......turned them into another dangley flower vine garland / bunting.

It was hard to photograph hanging as all my ceiling hooks were just too far apart. Sigh. Must get a few put up that are closer together for short spanning things like this! (or should of checked the length and chained the vine a bit longer.)

So that is why it is draped over the chair like a big ol chair necklace, looking nice and spring like, and giving me a little burst of colour whenever it catches my eye. I really like making these pretty things, even if they are a bit useless; maybe to decorate a little girls room? or a baby nursery? or to please my inner little girl? Do I really need a practical purpose?

I'm planning a bit of a bedroom update and going to replace our bed with a nice cast iron one, kind of like the old hospital beds, and I think something like this flower vine would look good twined around the bed ends.

Any hoo....have you got a fun weekend planned? The weekends roll around so quickly don't they?
I actually have a party to go to tomorrow night, quite a rare occasion, but very welcomed!!
Starting at a vineyard, then back to my cousins place for dinner and (more) drinks, should be lots of fun.
Happy 40th Sanny!

Hope you have a fun day over the weekend too!


  1. They're gorgeous, I love the outer border done in a different colour. Sounds like a great party - starting at a vineyard - what a lovely idea.

  2. This flower garland is gorgeous. I hope to make one soon.
    Have a nice party!

    Groetjes, Monique

  3. Noooooo, you don't need a practical purpose for your flower garland Jules.

    If it makes you smile, that's reason enough to make it.............

    All that floral gorgeousness, I love it. Perhaps you could try pegging it to the clothesline for a pic!

    Enjoy the party and have a great weekend,

    Claire :}

  4. I'm loving your flower garland. How exciting to be planning a bedroom update. Looking forward to seeing what you do.
    Anne xx

  5. Love your flower garland, it is so perfect for a new bed or anywhere!
    Happy Friday,

  6. I really love those flowers... would be so pretty draped on an old barn wood shelf I have...

  7. Just make them cos it makes you happy.

    What better reason?
    And it makes me happy to look at them - another good reason.


  8. Great so pretty
    Hugs Suz x

  9. Very pretty. I LOVE this idea. Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Your big flower necklace is stunning..the colours are great!

  11. Oh, this is so pretty. I've been thinking of aa sunflower bunting for the huge shopcounter/shelf in my kitchen, but THIS might look so much better! Going totry out a little flower or two today. Also like the edges in a different colout. Really lifts it.


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