Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Creative Space....wonky slippers.....

Sooo...these are my wonky slippers that I made the other day.

I found the pattern recently over at Pips Meet me at Mikes, she is such a clever generous girl, thank you!! so I decided to make a pair as it is really getting cold here now.

It was a great tutorial, easy to follow and I was really pleased with my first ever slipper! I made the second one and somehow came out with a much bigger slipper, I don't think I increased to enough stitches in the first one, but anyhoo, I'm happy with the wonk element and as they are just for me it doesn't really matter.

They are super cosy and I notice as soon as I put them on how warm my feet feel, which is just as well as our tiled floors are freezing!!!
I used a thick 20 ply that I picked up in the back room at Bendigo Woolen Mills, nice and heavy duty for our hard floors, and extra warm.

Had requests from the youngest for a pair for him, so might give it another go and see if I can make 2 the same this time!

Hope you are having a great creative day, have a look at other creative spaces over here.


  1. They look great.As always great colours too. Will have to try this pattern.

  2. Very cute. And that little asymmetrical touch really adds to the homemade feel :-)

  3. Spiffy! Those will make your feet dance!

  4. Cute, they do say one foot is usually bigger than the other. Have fun in your slippers

  5. Gorgeous slippers, love the flowers, sweet finishing touch, I'll bet these will be the next pattern craze, i'll def try them :)

  6. Love your slippers, am def going to give them a try!

  7. Very cute, I will have to have a go at these.

  8. They look great!
    I did exactly the same with Michelle's granny slipper pattern recently.
    Only I undid the second one and never remade it.
    Doesn't it make you feel fab when your littles ask you for something hand made.

  9. They are so cute. I love the colours.

  10. They look great - love your floral addition! So far, I have made one slippy but it is miles to big for me and looks wonky.

  11. I. LOVE. THESE!!! They look so cute, esp because they are a bit wonk! I love the colour too! And the nice edging! So great! xxx

  12. Very nice, and such lovely colours!

    Woollie slippers are the best - especially handmade wonky ones.

  13. Those are fabulous - I love the colours. Oh how I wish I could crochet like that!

  14. I loooove, these, i definatly want to have a go at making some.
    Pixie :)

  15. OMG... those wonky (my fave word, btw) slippers look like little garden gnome slippers, I LOVE them!!!

    You should try some soft roving to attatch on the insded... and maybe sew in with your darning needle little Vs here and there with the roving... so SO SOFT they'd be...

    Great job!

  16. Hey Jules, your slippers look so warm and cosy. Know what you mean about floor tiles..........

    Great colours as always, 20ply yarn, must've worked up quickly and should be long lasting.............

    Claire :}

  17. I love your slippers but came across you via Pinterest where some kind person has posted a picture of your first ever crocheted blanket. Got a bit confused when you started talking about winter until I realised you were in Australia (I am in the UK) and am also a happy mother, crafter and blogger. Thanks for your inspiration. Jane xx

  18. hi there! i skipped over here from Pip's slippers post. i am determined to learn to crochet so i can make myself some too.
    i am left handed so people always gave up when it came to teaching knitting ir crochet. i am going to perservere!
    i LOVE yours , love the colours, love the wonkiness. and then the blanket iand tne flower vine are just gorgeous!
    i'm all inspired.
    love your gardening stuff too.


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