Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Creative Space........hats and other things..

oops..... a whole week since my last post, terribly sorry, just had not much to report really, and there's not much today either! Life is pretty predictable and routine at the moment, not great fodder for interesting blogging!
Oh well......

......My creative space to day involves working on these little hats. I made the blue one earlier in the week to see how the pattern worked, and it was easy so i have decided to make some nice stripey ones. The decision was made easier by the fact that I went overboard last time I visited the Bendigo Knitting Mills and bought a tonne of 3ply baby merino in all these beautiful colours just because it looked so pretty in it's basket and was a really good buy. Of course I had no idea what to use it for, but it seems to be working ok in this hat pattern and I will have some lovely cute colour combos to work up. I am adjusting the hook size down and making a size bigger to make up for the smaller ply, and just matching the size to the blue one ( which is made in the right type of 4ply wool)

.....Also still working on the jar project, the row of little soldiers grows.......

.....last weekend we took a drive up to the Dandenongs and bought some new chookies, as you can see they are a bit camera shy at the moment, but seem to be settling into their new home ok. Our old girls were a bit miffed at the new arrivals, but I told them all to play nice and they are kind of friends now, hopefully our egg production will start to increase soon.

..Also been doing a heap of this.
Cripes, my boys can eat! ( although only food that passes their strict guide lines, anything too healthy is rejected with scorn)
I have been baking my little heart out, trying to buy less processed food for us all, but still have something yum in the cupboard. I have joined weight watchers (again) , so I am happy for them to rid me of temptation.

I also have to admit one reason I haven't been blogging much is that I have found the scrabble app on my phone. Words with Friends. It is soooo much of a time waster, but so alluring at the same time! I find myself mulling over my letters at odd times of the day when I should be doing something much more productive. I tell myself I'm keeping the Alzheimer's at bay, using the old grey matter, but it is a bit of a guilty pleasure.

Any hoo, I hope you all have a fantastic day, I'm off to play Scrabble!!


  1. Well for someone who doesn't think she has done much you certainly manage to be keeping busy! I love the baking. I tend to do a bit of baking myself because I don't buy snack foods very often, but the recipes have to be super easy and super quick! I want to have my own home laid eggs at some point too but chooks freak me out with all their sharp bits! xXx Helen

  2. Older chooks are so funny when you introduce new ones aren't they. Great hats and your baking looks yummy too :) Love the jars!

  3. Lovely, lovely woollie things at the beginning of your post and ooo that gorgeous wool. Have you ever bought their products online?
    Where abouts in the Dandenongs did you buy your chooks? We will be in need of some new ones soon. Are yours Isa Browns?
    Your baked goodies look so yummy. I'll be making blueberry muffins tomorrow, maybe an apricot pie if I get really energetic. :)
    Have a lovely evening,
    Anne xx

    P.S. Can you believe the word verification is "burper"?!!!

  4. Your crochet is so lovely!!! Love your beautiful blog!

  5. Actually. sometimes predictable and boring is the thing I crave most! Whereas my kids crave that sort of thing you are making in the last pic (you lovely Mum, you)...

  6. Hey Jules, love the hats. It's been hat weather here recently. I even dragged out the hat my boys bought me. I think it makes my head look like a basketball ( not quite as big though, just rooooound...) but it's very warm.

    Oooh those home baked treats look delish. I hope your boys appreciate those lovely muffin papers, they look good enough to eat too.

    Good luck with the new girls, mine aren't laying much at the moment so no baking happening here.

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire :}

  7. I just love your jar covers....hope you don't mind if I make some for my craft room! I just organized all of my buttons and it would be neat to make one in each rainbow color for each jar! You are so creative! Love your shop, BTW!


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