Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Creative Space...bit of this, bit of that.....

Today my creative space will be trying to weave in all the ends of these crochet jar covers.

I am really having fun doing these, all the possible colour combos to play around with, and they don't take too long which suits my snatches of creative time at the moment.

I just got a bag full of empty jars from my mum, so there will be lots more of these I can see!

It is freezing here today so I am going to make a fire and soup for dinner and warm the place up.
We're out all afternoon in a frenzy of after school activites, but all least we will have a warm, cosy home to come back to!
Hope your day is going fabulously.
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  1. Hey Jules, lovely collection of crocheted jar covers. I am yet to crochet one. Have the vegemite jar sitting on the work table (aka dining table, hehe ) waiting to be crocheted a sweet cover, but.............
    tis cold and misty rain up here in the north east. I am waiting for the temp to drop a little so it will turn to snow, fingers crossed.

    Got the wood heater and the wood stove going so we're warm as toast.

    So nice to come home to a lovely, warm house.

    Claire :}

  2. ive got a pattern for these vase holders in a nice new crochet book i got from the library. i love the reds in yours! how lovely, to liven up a space. xo

  3. These are adorable - I keep seeing tutorials for these popping up and am so tempted to give them a go, just need to find more time in my day!!! :-)

  4. The jar covers are lovely - the colours work really well!

    Pomona x

  5. Bloody ends! I can't stand that last bit of every yarny project (a confession? I'd just tuck 'em in. Ahem). Lucky jars - all snug and rugged up like, in this frosty weather...

  6. those jar covers get a bit addictive don't they !
    lovely colour combinations and just the thing for fancying up a jar for pot full of knitting needles.

  7. Hi Jules, what creative joy with these crochet jar covers! I love them all and can imagine how much fun it is to keep on designing new ones... Happy crocheting to you!



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