Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Get your retro groove on!....

Hi there!
Thought I'd share a bit of retro love today.
My mum came round yesterday with a bag of old crochet and knitting books from an aunt of mine, think they are from the late 70's early 80's ( one has a price of 35 cents on it!!).
Thanks Pat!!

Have a look at that crochet skirt in the photo above, how funny, you can make a skirt to match your blankie!
Reminds me of the dress Kate Blanchett wore to an awards night last year, don't know if I'd be able to carry it off though, I'd probably look like I'm wearing a sleeping bag.

Love those racy girls in there groovy scarves and beanies.....(might be the go for the grid girls at the Grand Prix next year ! hehehe)

.....might have a go at this ripple pattern in some different colours....

.....pure retro gorgeous

.... wish I could see the colour version of these hilarious rainbow tops.....

....I think this scoop neck cardi would actually be pretty cool for me now! ( I am a bit of a fashion nightmare though, so have no idea really)

....this motif is pretty cool. I might make a couple up in some different colours and hook a blankie like this (not too fond of the black edges that were everywhere in the 70's)

A lot of the actual patterns would look right at home in a current pattern book, it is really the colours and yarns that date these projects, and of course the super 70's styling!!

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into the past, after all, crochet is such a retro hobby, it's good to check out it's roots sometimes and see where all the good stuff originates from ( everything old is new again!!)


  1. That scoop neck cardi looks quite nice. You can't go too wrong with a basic cardigan. How funny, I hadn't realised that the woman had a skirt on - I thought she was holding the blanket in front of her to showcase the pattern! But I really do love that blanket pattern. I would love a rainbow like that on my bed, or couch!
    xXx Helen

  2. HOla!!
    muy linda la caja

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  3. Those are so cool! Our Relay For Life this year has a Woodstock theme, so I'm trying to toss together some crochet items from that era. Wish I'd had a few books like that in my stash to help me out! What a treasure!


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