Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mum's day ( happy day!).....

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all you ace mums out there have had a lovely day, spoiled rotten and lavished with love and attention! haha!

I have to say my boys did well today, spoiling me with a great CD (Adele - 21, very cruisey), a fantastic cookbook (Leon -Naturally Fast Food), and a slab of my fallback drink Diet coke (I drink way too much of this stuff)
I swear I didn't give them too many hints and reminders! (Although I did tell Max that the cookbook I wanted was called Leon, like the main character in Resident Evil, a game I know they have played a fair bit - I think he did well to remember)

We had a lovely lunch at my sisters place with my mum and dad, everyone had a nice afternoon I think.

And this is the little potholder I have been working on the last few days, it was fun to make and I think it has turned out really nicely. I gave it to my mum today to use in her kitchen, I think she liked it. I made it with Bendigo Knitting Mill Cotton.

I found the pattern on a great crochet blog called Delights-Gems, she has some other great patterns and tutorials on her site, it is worth checking out!

I think I will make a few more of them for a wall hanging display, they always look so good in other peoples houses, I want one too!

Enjoy the rest of your day ladies, it's back to the grind stone tomorrow! haha


  1. Oh, that pot holder did turn out nicely. I think I will have to check out Delights-Gems and make one for my own mother! I won't be seeing her for a few weeks, so I have time to make it.

  2. The pot holder is very pretty. I like the design. I haven't made one yet. Do you use wadding and back them with fabric, or is the cotton insulation enough?

  3. Hey Julie, fab potholder, gorgeous colours, looks great hanging on the wall.

    I can imagine them in all sorts of beautiful colour ways, so for that very reason I shall stay clear of Delights-Gems.........My list of Must Do versus Want To Do is growing at a spectacular rate. I feel a little self control is called for (fat chance, hehe)

    Well done boys on spoiling mum.

    It's a beautiful sunny morning here in the bush, hope you have a great week and are getting lots of visitors and buyers to the shop.

    Claire :}

  4. Very pretty! I like the color combination. I need to look up that pattern!

  5. loving that pot holder Jules - great colour combination - must add that one to my useful crochet projects list - bit keen on the potholder idea at the moment !

    How is that Adel CD ? I've been thinking of getting it soon.

    Glad you had a great mpther day, hope the "slab" lasts you ;)


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