Thursday, May 5, 2011

My creative (on- the -go) space...

Well, I didn't get my little project finished last night as planned, too many distractions and interruptions, so today hoping to do a bit of hooky on the go at the boys basketball game.
I bought this lovely farmers market basket today (and a bigger one) and it is perfect for the travelling crochet, as well as the odd bit of fresh produce!

If all else fails, I am going to my first "needle and hook" night tonight at our community centre, so I should get a chance to get stuck into it there.

Hope there is plenty of creating at your place!

Have a looksie over at Kirsty's place for lot's of other/better creative places!


  1. Hey Jules, not sure what it's going to be but loving the colours and pattern of your latest project.

    The 'needle and hook' night sounds like alot of fun.

    Spotlight have 30% of pure wool yarn for the next five days. I need some more wool for my rug. Shame I can't find the dye lot no. for the colour I've run out

    Claire :}

  2. i love your picture. love the basket and LOVE love what's inside. cant wait to see more! xo love, angelina

  3. Looks like a basket full of goodness to me.

  4. I LOVE the colours of the yarn you are using! Gorgeous. Great basket - I can just see it brimming over with your hooked creations. :)

  5. Oh my! What a lovely basket to carry your crochet about in. Just gorgeous!


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