Thursday, September 9, 2010

my creative space #4....

This is where I'm at today - extra rounds on the grannies.........

....enjoying all the colour combos...... changing the pattern order .......generally having a play.

Oh, and also serious crochet business happening for the Spring washer swap, colours chosen and pattern started, time for a cute little colourful border, I hope it works out!
Also a question - do you need to block cotton crochet, does it look better if you do, and if so, what is the best method? Still learning, quite obvious I'm sure!

Thanks for dropping by, there are plenty of inspiring creative places to be found at Kirsty's place!


  1. Those look really pretty!!! I can never decide if I want to do a whole lot of squares carefully colour co-ordinted or pretty and colourful like yours. I think you may be swaying me!

  2. I like your pretty squares, don't they look gorgeous? No help with the blocking I'm afraid, I'm sure Mr Google will know though xo

  3. Very nice! If I see many more granny squares, I may just have to start my own granny square quilt! I think I might be missing out!


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