Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hand made Christmas Challenge......

I noticed this challenge on Knicky Knacks blog recently, and thought I'd by up for a bit of handmade Christmas action, so I'm joining in this week, I have made presents before for people, with mixed results ( I made a bag for someone once,(who shall remain nameless), only to have the same bag regifted back to me 2 years later! There was a nice bottle of wine in it, so I guess I did alright out of it, but I don't think she thought much of my bag pressie!! boo hoo.)
Having said that... I'm going to have another go this year and try and make a few pressies and support other handmakers.

I made these little washers for a swap I'm taking part in, and thought they might make a nice little pressie with a bit of interesting soap or something along those lines. Maybe for the kids teachers.
Please tell me if I'm deluding myself and they scream hokey homemade crap! I think they are cute and a little bit retro, and I have a few other gorgeous colours to try them in, I like the little granny inspired edge the best I think.
Anyway, I found the pattern by googling "washer patterns crochet'' ( I think), sorry can't remember the exact site, but the pattern is called 'Crochet Dandy Dishcloths' (cool name don't you think).
I hope my swap partner likes them.

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  1. I think you should go for it. You are not deluding yourself. If you rolled them up and tied some twine around it with a handmade card and had a beautiful smelly soap to go with it, I challenge anyone to say "no thanks". I'd accept in a heart beat. I'd love a washer like that. Thanks for joining in this week. Trace :)

  2. I agree, they would make a lovely gift.

  3. I think they're gorgeous - I just wish I could crochet! Those are the kind of gifts I'd love to receive myself - something I can't make, :D I think your recipient(s) will love them, and hopefully they'll appreciate what goes into them :)

    I've given handmade gifts that weren't very well received - one recipient actually gives BACK the items she doesn't like!! She's related to me tho so I have to keep her, LOLOL. Now I ask her what she wants before I get crafting - she loves handmade, but she's just very PICKY!

  4. My husband thought I was nuts when I started crocheting dishcloths - then he realised how good they are at cleaning dried weetbix off the table. Hopefully your intended recipients realise their value too!! they do look very nice.

  5. Oh I think they are just Gorgeous! love the colours and the pattern :)

  6. I think the dishcloths look great! I have just finished mine last night too.

  7. The cloths look great and would definitely be a great Xmas pressy... I love gifting them with some nice handmade soap or a bottle of lovely handwash, they always go down a treat....

    Jodie xx

  8. Just love the pattern of these wash cloths! Cx


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