Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Spring swap!

I have signed up for Jellywares Spring Washer Swap, and have recently received my partners details, so I had better get cracking on a couple of washers! I made an attempt last night, but somehow my 31 stitches grew to 42 by the time I had done the required number of rows! I am still pretty new to crochet, and crocheting a piece of fabric is quite different to doing a granny square.
Soooooo.... I started again, and I'm keeping a close eye on the stitch count this time! Seems to be going ok so far. Maybe I'll knit a couple instead, I'm much more confident in my knitting ability!!

It should be fun to post off my little parcel, I haven't been in a swap before so I hope It works out alright! I'll try and have a photo tomorrow.

Have a great day!

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