Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Granny blankie WIP

I managed to sit down yesterday and start some more centres for my granny rug.

Here is a close veiw of some of the squares, and below is an update of how many I have done.
( I should have finished one more to make it a proper rectangle, but never mind). I am making progress slowly but surely, and I'm sure it will look 'squarer" when I block all the squares. I have never blocked any work before so I'll ask a stupid question - do you block as you go, or do you block all at once when you have finished all the pieces of your project? If you block as you finish each square along the way, do they lose their 'blockiness' if there is a long time before they are all sewn up? As you can probably tell I am still pretty new to the fine art of crochet!

These are some of the lovely colours I bought recently, some are for the granny rug and others are for projects yet to be announced( I haven't quite decided yet!) I do want to try one of the beautiful flower garlands that I found on a lovely blog called About Mo and Me. They are so gorgeous, I want to make a whole jungle of them! There is lots of other inspiring crochet eye candy on icrochet.

Maybe a whole heap of little flowers in gorgeous pastels ,or a few interesting potholders for the wall? Who knows?

Went for a little walk in the garden in between showers today and found a few lovely hyacinths in full bloom, so waxy and snowy white, and the perfume is divine!!! I think they look very pretty in the little pink cup. A small retro moment! You've gotta love it.
Have a great day!


  1. Just saw your blog and it is beautiful - love the colours of your creations! Will definitely visit regularly! Enjoy your week. Carina x

  2. You have a perfect "EYE" for colour, love the ones you have chosen for your little granny square blanket, very pretty... Thank you very much for sharing your lovely ideas... Best wishes, will bob in from time to time to see what you are chatting about on your blog!
    Bye for now, Jay x


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