Thursday, August 26, 2010

my creative space #2

This is about as close as I have got to doing any real creating today, lots of thinking and planning but not much production as yet! Max my youngest is home feeling quite unwell and coughing up a storm so I guess I have been a mother more than a crafter today, which is fine. It's nice to feel needed by your kids occasionally, mine are growing up so fast it feels like they will be out there on their on steam very soon and I'll be lucky to get a visit on Mothers Day! ( I do exaggerate - they are only 14, 12 and10 yrs old so I have a few good years left, but that's how it feels sometimes.)
Maybe I'll get some crocheting in tonight, you never know...
Have a good one!


  1. Those hooks look so pretty, all the colours lined up like that. :)

  2. Another crochet blog to follow! :-)
    I have those colourful hooks too. And your colourful granny squares are looking great.


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