Thursday, August 5, 2010

where do you crochet?

This is a corner of our family room with my nice blue sleepy hollow chair (a little the worse for wear, after 14 years of children romping all over it), and some crafty stuff that is generally spread in various parts of the house. I like to sit here in the afternoon winter sun and do a little hooking if I have a spare half hour. I often sit here to eat my lunch or read a magazine, it's just a really nice spot in our house!

This is part of my first crochet effort my lovely red and green granny square rug, I am really happy with the colours and how vibrant it is ( you can see it hanging over the back of my chair in the top photo). The next thing to do is decide on a border and finish it off!

This is a cushion I am making in similar colours to the granny. My blue owl is something I made to experiment with fair isle colour knitting, once again similar colours. (I think I keep coming back to favourite combinations, no matter how I try to do something different). I think he's kind of cute! Being a novice, I made the pattern too complicated and it was slow going making the owl front, I am happy how he turned out and I learnt a lot, but I would simplify my pattern next time!

Do you have somewhere you particularly enjoy crafting in?
Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a great creative day!


  1. oh, i love it all! the owl, granny squares, and cushion. the color combos are really great.

    i usually just crochet in my living room, curled up with some tea. i also like to find a quiet nook in the library where i can crochet uninterrupted.

  2. Hello!
    Nice to find your lovely colourful blog full of gorgeous knitted and hooked goodness! I'll quickly save you to my faves so I don;t forget to come back!
    Nice to blod meet you! XX

  3. Thanks for the nice comments!
    KooKoo- my first follower thanks heaps!

  4. Hello, did you have a pattern for this owl or did you design it yourself? Would you share the pattern source-if it's published?


  5. Hi Glenda, I just made up the pattern for the owl on graph paper, coloured the squares different colours and gave it an owlish shape, so sorry don't really have a pattern to share as it kind of evolved as I made it! Thanks for looking at my blog!

  6. Oh, I love all the natural lighting you get from that area! Perfect for crocheting & reading!


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