Thursday, August 12, 2010

Knitty dolls


It's been a busy week around here, lots of normal mothering busy stuff, and worky stuff and exciting family stuff - one of my sisters and her man has announced she is pregnant with her 2nd child! I had thought our extended family was pretty much complete, so it is really nice to think there will be a new addition to the clan. A new baby is always great news and I'm sure Lily ( my niece, 9years old and very excited at the idea of a little bro or sis) will be a big help to Kate.

Sooooo.... it got me thinking what I can make her for the new bub. Nice granny square blankie? Cute little hats? Lovely softies? There is too many gorgeous things to make! Sigh, I just can't decide, I might have to make her one of everything, the baby isn't due until January so I have heaps of time!

Thinking about babies and kids led me to some photos of some dolls I made. The doll sitting on the blue chair was my first ever attempt at a knitted toy. I got the pattern from a Clare Garland book and I was pretty pleased how she turned out. She was a present for one of my nieces 4th birthday and she got a great reaction. I have made quite a few dolls like this now as my other nieces didn't like missing out, and I enjoy making the little clothes and sewing the faces.
The doll on ther cabinet is my most recent doll creation, I am surprised how different the face is, she looks friendlier than my first girl, but no.1 is kind of quirky which I like. I guess this is an example of crafty evolution, every time you make something it turns out a little bit different!

I have started some new granny squares in the "sunburst" pattern that I found from Sarah London's page. This is such a nice pattern to work! I'll have photos soon I hope!
Have a great day and thanks for visiting! Bye.

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