Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hi there!

Helloooooooo anybody out there!!

This is the first post of my blog which I would like to dedicate to all sorts of woolly yarny endeavours! I'll introduce myself - my name is Julie, and I am the mother of 3 fab boys who keep me on my toes. Together with my husband, we live in a lovely spot on the Mornington Peninsula. Our house is generally in a state of mild chaos, kind of under control, but I can usually find something I'd rather be doing than housework, so it tends to the messy side! ( I do love it though when I eventually get around to a good tidy and the house looks great.)

I have always loved knitting and have lots of sewing spurts over the years too, but the catalyst for this blog was my recent discovery of crochet, and the fact that i can now crochet YAAAAAAH!!
It was a lot easier to pick up than I anticipated, I decided on the last school holidays that it was time to learn, so a copy of 'Crochet for dummies' was found at the library I bought a few different hooks, and hey presto, 2 days later I had the basics under control!
I have to say I am pretty addicted to my new hobby, it is soooooo much quicker than knitting
( I still love this too though!)
Anyway, I also found lots of fabulous, creative, amazing other blogs and a great thriving community of talented people that I want to be a part of!!

I love love love love all the colour!

So this is my start!! I am trying out the African Flower motif . It is soooooo

This is my first attempt at crochet in the round to make a cushion cover , I am pretty pleased with it! ( sorry about all the weird font issues and underlining , can't work out how to turn it off)

Anyway thats all for now and thanks for visiting my little blog! Good night!

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