Tuesday, January 17, 2017

happy days in the shop

I gave my little studio/shop a bit of a tidy up this morning, all ready for a big year ahead. It really is my happy space,  and I have a lot of fun organising all the pretty yarns.  I am very lucky to spend my days surrounded by so much colour! :) 

I have quite a few lovely yarns that are on my wish list to stock this year, I'm hoping that I will have some interesting stock to share with you all through out 2017.  

I'm always interested in sourcing new yarns, there are just so many fabulous  yarn houses out there!  Sometimes it is tricky making contact as a small yarn retailer, but I am trying to overcome my introverted nature and put myself out there more often.  I really don't have anything to loose, the worse they can say is no! :) 

Do you have a favourite yarn?  
Do you have any suggestions for colourful yarns for me to stock?  


  1. Louise, Bromsgrove, EnglandJanuary 18, 2017 at 3:48 AM

    Oh my days!!! Its beautiful!! I so wish I could visit xxxXxxx

  2. Now that is one impressive studio, I do so wish that I could visit too.

  3. Your studio / shop looks so colourful and bright! So inspiring for everyone!

  4. It looks like an amazing space! How exciting x

  5. I have been trying to contact you to order some yarn that you have used in the necklaces posted recently. Can you please let me know if you are selling this yarn or equivalent in your shop as it is a gift need soon.

    1. Hi Meredith, so sorry for my lack of response, I have sent you an email with more info, but the answer is yes i am selling the yarns I used in the necklaces, it is the MoYa Lace Plume 2ply cotton, I like the colours in this range. Apologies again! Julie xx

  6. what a fab space... and that table and chairs setting is very retro? Is it original or a replica?

  7. I am so jealous! Oh how I could at least work in such a pretty, happy space!

    There are only a couple of decent yarn shops near me - one of them felt so UN-welcoming, I may never go back...the owner sat there on the phone all the time I was there. It was a very personal call and I felt like an intruder just being there. Though I had questions about a couple of the yarns - ones I've not used before - when she discovered that I "only" crochet - and do not knit - her reaction made me feel even less welcoming...
    I bought nothing (though she had a find selection of Malabrigo yarns I would love to work with, I was made to feel as if actually having the nerve to interrupt her call to buy something would be just too much!
    I probably will never go back there!
    If I were to win the Lottery, I think I would seriously consider opening a little, welcoming beautiful space such as yours!
    I wish you all the best! (and I am still so jealous of you! - imagine having such an inspirational space in which to crochet - OR knit!

  8. Definitely heaven for crafter... designer... yarn lover.

  9. A feast for the eyes! Makes going to work a lot easier I imagine. ; )

  10. What a happy place!! I love everything about it, colorful, bright and happy!!

  11. I have just received the most beautiful box of goodies that I ordered from Julie's shop. If you want to treat yourself the Moya Lace Plume is just amazing... thatk you Julie

  12. How beautiful! I'm into dk weight shawls right now. My eyes just drop too many fingering weight stitches. I knit mostly in the evenings. Colors: go with the seasons in WIsconsin. So now I'm orange knitting and I knit a beaded black bag with orange beads. For winter I like icy blues.


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