Monday, January 18, 2016

random happenings

1 + 2.  Th Emu Plains Market on Saturday.  It was a great way to spend the afternoon and evening, a big crowd and fabulous stall holders, my sister the florist, made some little jar posies for my stall this time and they really added some lovely colour.  Lovely to meet a few readers of this little blog too! :)

3. It's been pretty hot here recently, so I like to give my chooks a little treat to cool them down.  They adore cold watermelon from the fridge, their heads were in a pecking frenzy! 

4. Close up of one of the jar posies my sister made, I got to keep this one! :) 

5. Great thing about Summer - cherry season!  So delicious and shiny. :) 

6 + 7. Some of my recent crochet makes, I haven't been showing much crochet over here because I seem to always be making the same things and I don't want to bore you silly! lol.  I promise to make something different soon! :) 

8. A bit of colourful yarny love to put a smile on your face, so cheery and bright, this Nikkim Cotton is so lovely! 

9. Earlier today, bushfire in our town, this is looking over our back fence.  A lot of huge smoke clouds that would billow up very dark and dirty, then billow up very white and fluffy, it was weird and scary. A bit too close to home for my liking.  One house was burnt down, but it could have been a lot worse, we have fabulous CFA and fire brigades around here, and the community really pulls together and looks out for each other. Makes me proud of our little town!  Heres hoping there are no more fire dramas for Crib Point this Summer. Fingers crossed.

How has your week been?  




  1. You are obviously a creative talented family, your sister does some beautiful flower arrangements.

  2. Lots of fun to look at in this post. Glad you weren't in danger from that fire.

  3. Was this the fire down Mornington way?..... It made the news here in WA.

  4. Definitely wishing no more fires in the area! Posies and crochet, go together perfectly, what beauties your sister made! Love seeing all the crochet projects (even if they are similar to what we've seen before). Very cold here at the moment with snow or snow flurries later in the week. Been working on some triangle scarfs to help with the chill. (Making warm treats for the chooks here.)Stay safe and cool!

  5. lovely colourful photos... I certainly hope you have seen the last of the fires in your area. Volunteer fire fighters (RFS) from NSW have been sent to other states to help so that the home state volunteers can have some respite.. a bad summer for many.

  6. Fires are very scary so I hope there won't be any more.

  7. Lovely photos. The brushfire looks a bit scary. Hope you are safe.


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