Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hello New Year!

Hello there!
Its already the 5th of the month, and I haven't even wished you all a Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely New Year and have enjoyed the holiday time, we have had a lovely break and I am now gearing up for a big 2016!

Yesterday I spent some time cleaning up the shop and rearranging things, trying to create a bit more space in there.  I can't believe this time last year I was dreaming about this studio/shop, it feels like it's been around for longer than10 months,  I have certainly filled the space very quickly!

It looks so nice now all tidy and inviting, I just had to take a few photos.  It is so much fun and I feel lucky to have a physical shop that people can come to and but their yarn.  Online is great, but I love being a shopkeeper and I think having both an online presence and a bricks and mortar shop means I can reach a lot of people and share some gorgeous yarns!

......my shelves of glorious MoYa and Vinnis colour yarns, it is hard to part with this lovely stuff.......

....there is actually room to move around without bumping into things now! Yay! ........

........I love my shelf of Misti Alpaca yarns, so colourful and touchable!!.......

.........I managed to find room to bring back my little couch, so happy with this, it's a great spot to crochet and a bit more comfy than the table and chairs..........

I feel quite energised by my tidy up, I can't wait to work in my shop this year.  
I have decided to open more often, I am thinking Monday to Thursday 10.30am -2.30pm, and other times by appointment still.  
I am also going to start advertising that I am here a lot more, I don't think many people know the shop exists as we are not on a main street and are a bit tucked away. 
 Hopefully the shop can get better known in 2016. :) 
I think a restructure of classes and crochet groups is also on the cards, something to work on later in the week! 

So are you all ready for a great new year?  
What plans are you making for 2016? 
I have lots, I love beginnings, I'm just not that great at following through on things, something I am very aware of and am trying to address this year! :) 

Talk soon! 



  1. What a lovely shop!!! And after cleaning you have some kind of a new begining. I'd love to sit on that couch with a crochet... but it's a long way from Poland. Wish you all the best in new year!

  2. Wonderfull craft room.So mamy colors, so mamy yarn - paradise :D


  3. I love your shop! And I wish you a very good year, I hope many clients'll find their way to your lovely place.

  4. What a amazing space, yarn heaven. Wishing you every success for 2016.

  5. What a lovely shop, I too started a little shop a year ago....I am enjoying your blog and watching your shop grow....

  6. Gorgeous Shop, wish I was not around the pond and I would be there for sure!!! Happy New Year and all the best in 2016 xoxoRobin

  7. Your shop looks sooooooo gorgeous and amazing. Would be lovely to walk around there haha. Ohyeah, A Happy new year and a very good, healthy and creative 2016 :-)

    Sweet greetings,

  8. What a cozy and welcoming shop. I like your space. You are amazing to go out and bring this dream to physical reality. Wishing you a fruitful 2016.

  9. Lovely shop happy new year Marie-Claire

  10. Happy New Year! You have a cosy and inviting little yarn shop. I'd love to spend time there but live very far away.

  11. Looks fabulous! Happy New year! May it be filled with woollie goodness! Nothing like a clean organized studio, really energizing isn't it?! I too am great at making plans, but have trouble following through sometimes. My plans for this new year; to de-clutter the house, more organization, to purge everyday, a little or a lot whatever time and energy allows. (Even if it's just tossing some old magazines.) ; )

  12. I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove your shop!!!!! amazing!!!!!!
    happy New Year and kisses from Catalonia!

  13. Your shop looks Amazing!! You should be So proud of it! What about some weekend hours for the shop. I know you have kids/family stuff, but maybe be open on the 1st Saturday of the month sort of thing.... Good Luck!!!!

  14. Happy New Year, Julie! It looks like 2016 is a year for personal development and business development. Following through on things...it just takes practice. You can definitely do it! You have proven that by turning your dream of a shopfront into reality and look how much you have achieved in such a short time. If that is not follow-through I don't know what is! You have some great plans for 2016.

    Talking about follow-through, my current plan for 2016 is to finish off a bunch of promised blog posts and project documentation before embarking on too many new ones.

    Have fun and see you in the blogosphere in 2016 xx

  15. Oh how beautiful. Wish I lived closer!!!

  16. The shop looks wonderful, I wish I could sit right there and crochet with you, and of course buy some yarn!

  17. The studio is looking wonderful Julie! Our scarves are keeping us very warm and I am enjoying some quite time working on graces cotton blanket! xxxxx

  18. The studio is looking wonderful Julie! Our scarves are keeping us very warm and I am enjoying some quite time working on graces cotton blanket! xxxxx

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  20. OMG! I hope heaven looks like that room.....it's so yummy
    and inviting. Love that room. lol
    Cheers, Anita.

  21. Oh Julie I love your shop, just wish I lived closer and could pop in...mind you, I think I would be bankrupt! ;) xxx

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  23. What a fabulous shop and love how everything is stored.

    Hugs Diane

  24. Hi there, im a beginner crocheter and just discovered your blog, your shop looks absolutely gorgeous and so inviting. Im looking forward to reading and learning more this year :)


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