Wednesday, October 14, 2015

little snippets and a winner!

1. Bunting, bunting everywhere!   I really should hang this happy pile of colour around my shop.

2. + 3.  I have been working with lovely pastel colours this week making a few extra washers for the market on Saturday, and also making another heart bunting with a slightly stronger colour palette, very enjoyable work! :)   I don't think I've posted anything on here about the new Vinnis Colour Nikkim cotton that has come into the shop recently, it is so beautiful with so many gorgeous soft shades (the pastel colours I have been using in the heart washers).  I must do a post about it soon. 
(That's the problem with using multiple social medias, I can never remember what I've posted where! I have been using Instagram quite a bit recently, and when I put something up there often I feel like it has been dealt with and forget to share on the blog!! Poor neglected blog! :)   )

4. + 5.  Frank came to visit me in the Studio yesterday and found it a very interesting place!  I don't let the cats in here very often, so they are full of curiosity when they are allowed in. :) 

6.  Spring is in full swing around here at the moment, the garden is so beautiful and wild and full of flowers and blossom, the poppies are one of my favs and are putting on a great show!  Lovely long stems too. 


And yes, we have a winner in my giveaway for the gorgeous crochet book 'Let's go camping' by Kate Bruning,  thanks you all so much for entering, I loved reading all your comments, I wish I had a book for you all!  
Anyway, the winner ( as chosen randomly by my son) is Rie!  Congratulations !  I'll be in touch for your postal address and get it out you ASAP. :) 


Have a lovely day/night everyone, I'm off to do some hooky before bed. :) 


  1. Congratulations to the winner. Beautiful bunting, love the great colours.

  2. Wonderful snippets! Congrats to Rie too! Some bunting in the wool you sell would be a lovely example around your shop and pretty too.Love the shot of the kitty looking out the window surrounded by all that hooky goodness. I hope you show the finish piece with all those hearts in one block. It's lovely already! Have a wonderful spring day! (I'm out to bring in all my house plants for winter.)

  3. Do you sell the pattern for those cute little slippers I see? I cannot seem to find them on ravelry or on a Google search.

  4. Me too i love those shoes, wish if i cud find free pattern for those shoes as we don't have online buying in our country.

  5. I think it's indeed not safe to let the cats in without supervision ;-) But I love your (Garfield) Frank!
    I also like the heart bunting, it's just wonderful and so cheerful with those colours!
    Wishing you a nice week, Sigrid

  6. Congratulations Rie!! I shall have to order my own copy :-) The shoes are adorable xx

  7. How I love those tapestry hearts ♡ and those shoes! I have to say that Frank is very handsome too. Have a lovely week xx

  8. Hi Julie, I love your blog and the lovely photos. Frank is very photogenic. Do you have a pattern for those beautiful baby shoes, please?
    Have a great week!

  9. Oh I love the little shoes! The bunting is really cute too. I am crocheting your mixed stripe blanket, and having great fun with all the different stitches. Thanks so much for the pattern! Popping in as part of my bog commenting challenge 300 in 30 days!

  10. I just love all those wee shoes. Wish they'd fit my big feet.

  11. Your work is beautiful. Love your slippers! I wish I could find a pattern for slippers like that.

  12. Are those shoes? They are so gorgeous..


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