Friday, October 9, 2015

5 Friday Finds #41

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It's been a while since I've done  Friday Etsy Finds post, I just haven't had much time to browse Etsy looking for interesting stuff.  But I had a little look the other day and found some great things to share with you all. :) 
So here it goes: 


1. Gorgeous speckled yarn at bykateselene. Love! Love! Love!! :)

2.Super cute vintage caravan necklaces at Craftevan. More love !! 

3.Fox in a Cloud ceramic wall art from PearsonMaron. I need one of these on my wall, so adorable! :)

4.Hand embroidered customised name cushions from YelliKelli, so bright and cheery, very boho I think! :) 

5.Retro 70's patterns from Kinziewoolshop.  I told my husband I could crochet him a pouf for the lounge room, I'm thinking something like this would be good.  lots of retro goodness to be found at this shop. :) 


So that's it for this week, I think I'll try and get back to doing these posts more regularly, I forgot how fun it is searching for cute things on Etsy!  And with the festive season coming up it is nice to support   crafters and small businesses and give unique gifts all at he same time. It's a win win I think! :) 

Have a great day/night! 


  1. That speckled yarn is gorgeous, a real delight. Thanks for sharing.

  2. me too! that yarn is tasty! love the retro poufs too :-)

  3. Glad to see you got back to your Friday Etsy Finds! There are so many cute things to be found and simply not enough time. This makes it a lot easier for some of us. Thanks for sharing.
    And I love your choices :-) Especially the fox cute!

    PS maybe you might like some of the things in my shop?

  4. The embrodery on the cushions is so beautiful.
    great finds!!!

  5. Embrodery and yarn so beautiful Marie-Claire

  6. Fabulous finds! I look forward to more Friday finds.

  7. Wonderful finds! The yarn especially - it looks amazing!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  8. Love the caravan necklaces, so pretty!


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