Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Summer Sunday

Hello there!  How are you? 
How has the week started for you? Mine is looking good! 
I like to do the odd post about other non crafty things we have been doing, and thought it would be nice to share the  sunny and happy Sunday we just had......

This last week we have been having some lovely Summery warm weather, almost hot actually, which is nice, as I don't feel we have had a real Melbourne Summer this year, it has been far too cool.   On Sunday we had a little road trip down the West Coast looking for 'real' surf beaches. (Apparently the surf beaches we have locally don't rate!).   My middle son Andre likes a bit of a surf, so we took his board and went looking for waves.   

Max at Torquay
Our first stop was Torquay where I did some people watching while the boys had a swim.......

......I thought it was funny how these people looked ready for a walk in the snow while the water was full of swimmers :) .........

......this little plane flew over a few times, it looked good against the blue sky......

.....there were loads of learner surfers at this beach, it was very choppy though, so not a lot of wave catching was happening, but every one was trying hard and having fun! :)

Then we drove on to Anglesea where the beach was a little less crowded and the waves were better....

....I love the cliffs around this beach, this is my husbands hometown so we have spent a lot of time here when we were younger and it's always nice to go back for a visit.......

.....Andre took his board out and had some fun catching a few waves, he is getting quite enthused about surfing so we might come down here again soon......it 's a nice change from gaming! 

.....he was very happy with his new wetsuit, he stayed completely dry inside it and said he was not cold at all.......

It was a lovely day out, and I got a lot of crochet done on the drive! Bonus! :)  We used to do day trips much more often when the boys were younger, but as they have gotten older doing their own thing more, it has become a rare treat to have them with us. Even though we were without Jesse who had to work, it felt a bit like old times, so nice!  

Do your children still do day trips with you?  
Or are there becoming rare family days, like for me? 

It does make me nostalgic for the time when my family where little, but then again it is great seeing my boys grow up and become more independent.  I think I will just really enjoy spending fun days with them when they happen, and maybe plan them a bit more often!!

I'll show you my crochet progress tomorrow, I think I am still on track to have this blanket finished for the market :) 

Have a lovely day everyone! 



  1. Lovely pictures, also of your son: the board suits him! We are in the middle of winter here, not very cold, but very droopy weather.... please keep making sunny pictures to cheer me up! Greetings, Annasoer :)

  2. As they were growing up they chose not to spend time with us, but once they went away to university they came home often. Now they are all grown up with families of their own we spend as much time as we can with our three daughters and their families. Funny how we are opposites with the seasons, it is winter here, albeit a very mild one.

  3. Glad you both had such a good time! It's snowy here, and they say it's gonna snow more toward the end of the week - we'll see. In the meantime I can marvel at your amazing ocean... what a sight!

  4. Such lovely pictures it looked like the weather was on your side. Glad you enjoyed the day trip. We live by the coast so not so much as a day trip, just a 10 mins drive which is really nice and feel blessed to have it on my doorstep!xx

  5. We are knee deep in ice and snow so these pictures warmed my soul. Thank you!

  6. Oh how lovely those beach pictures are! Waiting on warmer weather here, can't come soon enough! I never could get past the idea of sharks to learn to surf. lol Even though we have girls, it's the same, the older they get the less time they have for outings with "the old folks!" ; P Look forward to the hooky update. Have a great day!

  7. Lovely day out. My sons are now 28 and 29 years old. We go out for meals togehter or coffee. And we go away on holiday together whenever we can.

  8. Looks like the perfect way to spend a Sunday. We used to have epic day trips with our gang. Not so much now, although my adult daughter is living with us so trips out are usually for three which is lovely! x

  9. My family went to Bellreae to pick up some items I purchased on eBay so we decided to take the kids to the beach so my son could try out his new boogie board. We are from the hills so he hasn't much beach experience. After stopping at Bells we quickly decided it was beyond him and we also spent some time at Torquay. We saw the plane doing loop-the-loops too! We may have even bumped into one another and not known! With no real waves there, the boogie board was a bit of a flop. I wish we had your insider knowledge about Anglesea. Anyway, we had a perfect day out. We rarely take holidays as my husband is self employed and time away means no coin being made so we try to do as many day trips as possible esp in Summer. I just love them. My kids are 10 and 11 so I hope I have a few more years yet.

  10. Love your photos! Wonder what those rugged up people were thinking? I love the Melbourne summers even when they're not blazing hot, like today. Our kids still do trips, the oldest being 12 and the youngest 5, with two in between, it's the sport and other activities that get in the way these days that limit them these days! But do love our days out.

  11. I am wondering whether those beanie and hoodie wearing souls were down from Queensland. Those northerners feel the cold when they come down south until they acclimatise. :-)
    It is getting harder to do anything with all my children together as they are getting to that independent university age and doing their own thing. Once they get a driver's licence, they're off! hehehe The times together are to treasure, aren't they? Lovely photos Julie :-)

  12. Lovely! Thanks for the reminder to enjoy this time with my kids. As a homeschooling mother, I sometimes feel bogged down by always being WITH my children but it IS a wonderful time. I see my adult children all too rarely!

  13. Great pictures! I could use some sun and summer here in Germany too!
    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds


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