Monday, October 6, 2014

weekly stills.....

weekly stills.......a bit of a colour hit for you this week.

1. My pile of washers grows, I'm loving all the Cascade cotton colours.

2+3. I cleaned up my sideboard yesterday, I got rid of all the papers and other crap that seems to get dumped on there, and now I can see all my cute things! Yay!

4. Making granny squares today for some Spring bunting for my stall in a couple of weeks, fun! 

5+6.  Spring garden lovelies. Tulips are flowering!  I have some beautiful colours growing this year, one of my favs are these gorgeous dark purple 'Queen of the Night', so lovely.  I have grown the parrot tulips for the first time this year and I am in love with their over the top frilly bits!   Definitely going on my list to plant again next year.

7. My veggie patch looks a bit jungle like at the moment, some serious attention needed in there if I am going to get the summer stuff planted.

8. Poppy love.  Another favourite flowering at the moment.

9. Loving all the colours in these tins and crochet stuff.  

What's happening in your world at the moment?



  1. Love all the colour! Your sideboard is gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous photos and all that colour.....BLISS!!!
    Anne xx

  3. Oh My Goodness look at all that beautiful colour. The pile of washers are gorgeous. I am really loving my garden this time of year. All the cherry blossoms are out and my daisies and flowering. And if you listen carefully I can here the bees humming away.... Daisies are my favourite flower in the garden this time of year.....

  4. A wonderful hit of color this Monday morning, thanks! I've had a marathon weekend of hunting thrifty finds, and our first real feel of Autumn air, a glorious weekend. Lovely garden jungle, ours is about to be put to bed for the year, spotty frost already. I will miss it. Have a great day!

  5. It's nice to see tulips, as in germany autumn is just around the corner and leaves are already falling from the trees. PS: i love your colorful world!
    Liebe Grüße

  6. Your dresser is stunning, love all the colour.

  7. So funny to see your tulips flowering, I just planted tulip bulbs yesterday for flowering in the spring! Lovely to see yours blooming now. Love your dresser too, so pretty and a riot of colour! xx

  8. Love all your bright beautiful cheerful colours!! Your flowers are so pretty, I love spring bulbs. It's so much fun watching them pop up and grow,

  9. Lovely splash of colour, love your sideboard.

  10. Such a colourful post! Lovely seeing your Queen of the Night tulips. I'm in the UK so have just planted mine ready for next year, I hope they turn out as beautiful as yours :-)

  11. Toujours de superbes couleurs !
    Ici, en France, c'est l'automne, et les couleurs sont belles aussi !
    Have a nice week

  12. Love those tulips. I had the deep purple ones in my garden too but we are now at the start of autumn and there are fewer and fewer flowers around. Certainly not tulips! Your pictures are so colourful and happy.

  13. I love all your work! you always use a beautiful color palette!
    and their colorful tin cans are very beautiful! a beautiful day to clean our stuff, right?
    I wish you a nice day!
    Kisses from Catalonia!

  14. Love all the colour and the wonderful dresser full of interesting things Jules. Love the canisters, all the jugs up the top, especially the red one and those sweet little bowls with the lids.
    Love the Poppy pic and Tulips are just gorgeous. I have some red ones growing in my garden, they just keep coming up every year. Have always wanted to grow some of the Parrot Tulips.
    And then there's those gorgeous tins and that cute little case in the last pic......sigh!!
    Such a happy post.......xx

  15. So colorful and beautiful pictures..

  16. Tulips... :) I have just planted mine for next spring :) We have had first snow already here in Finland, allthough it melted away at once.


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