Friday, October 3, 2014

5 Friday Finds #19

Hi there! So it's Friday again already!  
I am still trying to get back into some normal routines, the school holidays are just about over so next week I think things will return to a more regular rhythm. And October has snuck up on me too!  I am thinking it is time to get cracking on some Christmas crafting, I think there is around 12 weeks to Christmas and I know how these weeks fly by!   Anyone else planning anything handmade this year? I am joining in with a Handmade Christmas Challenge, but I think I will do a proper post on it next week.

So anyway, here are my Etsy finds for this week!

1. I like to have a little browse through the crochet category and see what catches my eye, this quirky fox is from VendulkaM isn't he cute!  There are heaps of very cute patterns in Vendulka's shop, lots of crochet fun here!

2.These little purses with hand painted birds are from Bo at lazy doll, there are also lots of different purses and phone covers, lots of lovely fabrics used too.

3.iManuFatti is a shop full of very cute patterns for things made of felt, like these toadstools.  Manu sells her original designs and also finished cute stuff,  I think I might make a few of these for the Christmas tree!

4. I love the toys and woodland softies at WoodlandTale, the shop of the very clever Kate Gurskaja, she makes gorgeous things like these embroidered raccoons, so cute!

5. Jane Farnham is a surface designer and sells her beautiful work in her shop JaneFarnham, I love her stationery designs and the little notebooks that she sells, you can never have too many notebooks! 
These greeting cards are lovely! 

So that's it for another week, I hope you have a great weekend! 
I am hoping to get a bit of crochet done and we are having friends around for lunch on Sunday, I think I will set it up outside if the weather is ok, the garden is starting to look quite lush and colourful, so it will be nice to enjoy some time out there, our first Spring lunch party of the season!



  1. Hi Julie! Another wonderful collection!
    Happy Weekend!
    Ingrid xx

  2. Lovely finds as always. I've been a big fan of Vendulkam for some time now, and toadstools for the tree sounds like a great idea, I crocheted some this past summer may add them to the tree this year. I've been working on Christmas presents already with more still to go, never enough time, or I never start soon enough. lol Happy spring weekend! I hope to enjoy a autumn weekend here.

  3. Some wonderful finds yet again, I loved the purses.

  4. I really like the fox, he is so cute.

  5. OMG! Only 12 weeks until Christmas? Oh my am I in trouble! I make all my gifts and there are many this year and I am so slow as I have cleaning and landscaping and so many other things to do like cooking and laundry...I better stock up on some some high energy drinks or something! LOL!
    I love your Friday Finds and so many cute things plus know we want to make them ourselves. LOL! I better go get busy! Only 12 weeks???? Really???? I'm in big doodoo!

  6. Oh my the fox is ADOREABLE! I think I totally need to make one myself! Or more than one... Hm... My day certainly needs more hours!

    Take care

    P.S. Our blog is having a big birhtday give away this week! Lots of yarn and crocheted creations to win.... :-)

  7. Favolosi i tuoi lavori e il tuo blog ...

  8. Gorgeous fox. I intend to make some of my Christmas presents but haven't decided what to make yet. I'm also going to make a lot of my decorations this year. At least that's the plan.

  9. I just love the fox, think it's a little out of my ability range!! I look forward to each Friday.


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