Thursday, September 18, 2014

Crochet a little flower, a winner and a newsletter!

Hello! How are you going today? 
I hope everything is going well for you.

Firstly I am pleased to announce the winner of the Cascade Ultra Pima from last week, the winner of this month's giveaway is Monique's Mess!  If you could drop me an email with your postal details I will get it in the mail ASAP. Thank you to everyone who entered, I always love reading all your yarny thoughts.

I thought I would share how I make my weeny flowers that I sell in little packs as embellishments for things.  A few lovely readers on Facebook asked for the pattern and I promised to share how I do them, so here it is!  
It is a very simple pattern,  I am sure there are heaps of different versions of  little crochet flowers around the crafty world, everyone has their favourite go to flower pattern, I find this a good one for simple 2 colour flowers that are pretty, quick and cute! I also love a slightly more elaborate flower pattern using 3 colours that is in one of those Japanese craft books, but this is a simpler one.

This is only 2 rounds of crochet, how simple and easy! 

Ok, this is how to do them, I am sure you will have it memorised in 5 minutes! 
(I crochet using American terminology, but have put the English version in brackets for you.)

Use an appropriate hook size for the yarn you are using.

 Start by chaining 4 and joining with a slip stitch to create a ring.  
Chain1, and make 5 sc (dc) into the ring and slip stitch to first sc to join. Fasten off.
This is your centre of the flower made!

To make the petals: change colours, join to any sc, *3 chain, then make a 4 dc (tr) cluster into same stitch, by leaving the last loop of each stitch on the hook so you end up with 5 loops on the hook, (see below), yarn over and complete the cluster.


3 chain (above), and slipstitch into same sc as the cluster to anchor the petal. *(below)

Slipstitch into next sc and repeat the process from *to* to make a petal in each sc of the 1st round.

Slipstitch into first chain to complete the round of petals, fasten off, and there you have it, one cute little flower completed!

You could make these into garlands or put them on hair clips, or use them in scrapbooking, or add them to your snail mail for extra cuteness, or anything really! 

I hope you find making these as addictive as I do!  :)
I am having issues with blogger at the moment, I am trying to add another page at the top of my blog to a newsletter sign up, but it is linked to this home page instead! I don't know where my sign up page is, it is not happening as it should, and I can't really remember how I added the other pages, so I am not sure if there is something I should be doing that I am not!   Frustrating!!

Anyway, if anyone would like to sign up to receive a Little Woollie Makes Newsletter occasionally, you can get to the sign up page here!  I promise not to spam you!! ;)
I think it will have news from my shop, new stock and special offers and I might add in patterns from Ravelry that I think are nice, or cute links and other yarny things like that. 
Not sure when it will be out, I'm still finding my way around Mailchimp and I need some people to send it to first ! :)

Have a lovely crafty day, I am off to do a few rows on my neon stripe blanket! 

PS. If anyone would like to order any wool from my shop, please note we are going away next Monday for 10 day, so my shop will be shut ( if I can work out how to shut it!) and orders will resume when I get back.  If you get your orders in by Sunday I can post them before we leave. :)


  1. Love the little flowers, perfect for when you feel like doing something but nothing big. (did that make sense LOL)

    1. Yep, I totally get what you mean Vicky, exactly when I like to make these too! :) J xxx

  2. Love the little flower and thank you for sharing the pattern. So cute !

  3. The flowers are so cute. Thanks for sharing the 'how to'. I think I'm going to try them in pearl cotton for a project I'm working on.

  4. oooh wow I was soooo excited to see that I have won your lush giveaway -THANKS Julie- I cant wait! Doing a little dance for joy!
    Love your blog and am constantly inspired by the colour and creativity you put into your blog. Many thanks again. MoniqueXX

  5. Lovely little flowers, have a nice trip away.

  6. Congratulation to the lucky winner!

    The flowers are very cute! Thanks for sharing them!

    Have a good trip. :-)

    Take care

  7. Thanks for sharing the flower pattern. I think they would be fun to make for edging on a jean jacket! Congrats to the winner!

    Cindy Bee

  8. Thanks for the pattern, your flowers are lovely! : )

  9. A lovely day and lovely flowers! A quick mindless flower to make on car trips I'm thinking, the best kind. Those would be cute attached to the ties on jackets and such too, even several cascading from a purse. OR lined up together to spell a name, endless possibilities! Congrats to the winner and have a wonderful trip!

  10. thank you for sharing your little flower pattern!!!!! <3
    xxxxxx Ale

  11. I love the colors you have done in the photo. So pretty! I am going to try this out for sure. I can think of a few ways I want to use them. Thanks!

  12. Your little flowers are fun, love the idea of brightening up a postal letter (snail mail-love that expression).
    Thank you for the pattern.

  13. Thank you......I'm going to try these, I'm useless at flowers! :) xxx

  14. Congrats to Monique and thank you for the little flower pattern. I think they would look great as ornaments on presents or gracing a bobby pin for my hair. LOL!


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