Friday, September 12, 2014

5 Friday Finds #16

Hello there!  How has your week been? Mine has been a bit aimless, but that is nice for a little while, I have some things that I want to do next week so it should be a more productive week I hope. 
Anyway, it's time for another 5 Friday Etsy Finds! 

1. sincerelylouise is the shop of clever knitter Louise Walker, she has just released a book of her gorgeous designs, lots of lovely things to knit in here me thinks!

2. Lucy Brasher is the amazing artist behind thecatintheshoe, her beautiful creations never last long in her shop, so I thought I would share her shop today as she has recently restocked with some of her fabulous creatures, and I think there are a few left! Yay! 

3. If you are interested in crochet I am sure you will all know Maaike from creJJtion, and her beautiful patterns for baby blankets, I am partial to a nice mixed stitch pattern and these are lovely!

4.I really like these cups from HappyClay, the shop of Niki Crosby a very talented ceramicist, there are lots of lovely things in this shop, I love the colours and that vine pattern in these cups!

5. I recently came across the work of Jennifer Orkin Lewis via Lisa Congdon's blog and I am so pleased to have found such a lovely artist! augustwren is her shop where she sells prints and paintings of her work. beautiful! 

Ok, that's another Friday Finds done and dusted, 
the weeks are flying by at the moment don't you think!  

What have you got planned for the weekend? 

I am going to try and mow the grass, it is more like a meadow out there, so it could be a big job!
And I am starting a new custom order blanket which should be fun, I'll show you how that's going next week!  I also want to work on a little pattern I am making that I hope you guys will like, I think it is looking quite good, if I do say so myself.  More on that later too!

Have a good one people.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. We are going to attempt to mow the lawns also, I am afraid we might lose the dogs out in the back yard, and they aren't small LOL

  2. Some amazing finds, I am blessed this weekend I have my Daughter and Grandson visiting. Have a great weekend.

  3. Always love your Friday finds! I like the owl tea cozy as I am a knitter too. The paintings are cool and reasonably priced too. All lovely!
    This weekend is more Fall decorating (it's Fall here). I should mow but I will leave that until next week as there's football here and a visit to my LYS planned! I'm also cleaning my porch. Have great weekend!

  4. These Friday finds always remind me how many wonderful creative people are in the world! Love that! Let's not discuss all the grass that needs mowing, shall we?! lol I have w-a-y too many outdoor "projects" that need my attention. Which doesn't leave much time (or energy) for the hook. We can always hope for rain. ;D Have a great weekend!

  5. Thank you for the lovely mention in such good company! xo Maaike


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