Friday, June 20, 2014

5 Friday Finds #4

Another week has rolled by and it's Friday again, this week has been busy, hence the lack of posting over here, but I have lots to share with you all, so I'm hoping next week I'll be around a bit more.

Anyhoo, my 5 Etsy finds for this week are:

1.This gorgeous blanket! The pattern is available from SweetCrochetier,  so many lovely crochet patterns in this shop, I think this would be really nice in a fluffy yarn, maybe mohair.....

2. I love the hoop art and cushions at CaboPickles,  and all the profits from this shop support the charity Foundation 18 which runs an orphanage in Bali. Cate Bolt does an awesome job!  A good cause and beautiful things, what's not to love!

3. The needle felted animals at healoom are just so beautiful!  Such a shop of cute! I really want one of her beautiful bunny mobiles, in fact I'd like everything in her gorgeous shop!

3. Aren't these noodle bowls lovely, vesselsandwares has lots of beautiful pottery with lovely detailing.  I like all the colours that these are made in......I do have a soft spot for kitchenware!

5. Another beautiful illustrator! Yelena at ybryksenkova has beautiful prints and cards, what a talented artist!

So that is my 5,  have you found anything interesting on your travels this week?

Talk soon!

PS. Anyone like to take part in a Blog Hop next week? I am doing my post on Monday and need 3 other blogs to introduce and link to for the following week. It is about your creative process and there are 4 questions to answer, its really easy and should be fun and a good way to get new people to find your blog. If you are interested just drop me an email! Thanks!
(Edited to add: Thanks ladies I now have my 3 blog hoppers! )

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  1. Bonjour petite laine, the blanket is very beautiful! Thanks for this "share". Merci de partager

  2. Thank you Julie, I just bought the "Green Thumbs" print. BTW I love your blog.

    Cheers, Karen near Gympie

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  4. I'd love to take part in your bloghop! Love that crochet blanket that you found :)

  5. I love reading your 5 Etsy finds. I never really have that much time to search Etsy, so it's always lovely to see some ones that others have found and picked out!

    Have a gorgeous weekend!

    Vanessa xxx

  6. Nice finds ! I don't have time to search so I really like your posts about these finds ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a nice day !

  7. Hi Julie,

    I am in love with your blog and everything you post. Your lovely photos really cheer me up and you were also the person who made me aware of 'Blog with Pip' which I have just finished, thank you for that.

    I would love to take part in the blog hop, I am and you can reach me at

    Have a lovely weekend
    Best wishes from Wales x

  8. Thanks for sharing these gems with us. The pottery is exquisite, love the cheerful colours. Shame I was too late for the blog hop, but I will look forward to reading about some new blogs :)

  9. Great finds. Wonderful way to explore Etsy.

  10. Love your finds, especially the bunnies!!! Just been over to 'healoom' and you're right, it is a shop of cute!!! The little bears and the cute little mouse too!!! Have a fab weekend!!!!
    AMarie xxx

  11. Wonderful finds, very talented artist. I loved the bunnies on the swing, the hanging fruit bowls, and any of the hooped art work, the "stitch or die" made me laugh, the night light print I loved!. Thanks for sharing.Have a great weekend!

  12. The blanket is very beautiful, the colours remember your pallete! Eliane

  13. All lovely finds! Out of my budget limit but lovely none the less. I too adore the bunny mobile and I may just have to take up felting. This is how I self-taught myself other crafts....seeing something I adored but knew I could not afford. Thank you!

  14. Love that illustration - it's stunning!

  15. Beautiful finds. I especially love that crochet blanket!!


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