Sunday, May 4, 2014

Garden Share update April 2014

A rainy morning in the garden....

Hi there! 
It's time for an update of another month of food growing action with 
Lizzie's Garden Share Collective, congratulations to Lizzie and Roy on the safe arrival of their gorgeous daughter!

Harvest:  Ummmm, not a lot out of my garden this month, I'm paying the price for dropping my gardening bundle earlier in the year, there are the last of the tomatoes, a few green capsicums, and some new lettuce but that's about it!  Hoping for better returns later in the year.

....things are looking quite messy in the garden at the moment....
lots of empty spaces waiting for plants.....

.....these finished tomatoes are  ready to go to the chooks....

....last months planting of seedlings starting to take off, might need a liquid feed to get them growing a bit faster....

This month I have sown lots of seeds into pots in the hot house, they are just starting to come up now.
I have sown broad beans, 3 different broccoli, chinese cabbage, cabbage, pakchoy, kale, silver beet, Australian Yellow leaf lettuce, a mixed lettuce, cauliflower, and snow peas. are the snow peas just starting to push through, I like to sow them in punnets and then plant the whole punnet out as a module, kind of like station sowing.  I have a problem with pigeons eating the seed if I direct sow and I find this works really well. broccoli and cabbages....

....these little paper pots can be planted straight into the ground so no transplant shock for these babies.....I used to use these for all my seedlings, but am at the end of my stock of pots so am trying some in plastic pots as well this year.

Things to do in May:  
#Pull out finished tomatoes and prep bed for winter things, probably broad beans .
#Keep feeding and watering the seedlings.
#Plant all flowering bulbs
#Continue garden clean up, weeding and cutting back over grown shrubs
#Direct sow some beetroot, spinach and late carrots.
#Make climbing frames for peas.

How has your garden been growing lately?


  1. Hi lovely Jules, I am not a gardener but have dabbled over the years with the ideas of having my own little plot and have always followed gardening programmes on the television - the only problem is time and looking at your lovely post reinforces this for me, it takes such time and love to nurture the soil. You look as if you have put so much into your wonderful plot and I really enjoyed reading your post Jules. Have a fabulous weekend, big hugs and loves

  2. So lovely to see all that you have growing and coming up! Hope that you have a great month of growing and planting and picking and eating!! xx

  3. I will enjoy watching your garden grow. That is one thing I truly miss about being on the road - a garden. Oh well, it won't be forever!

  4. It's odd to see end of season planting, when we're in the beginning season of planting. Finally dry and warm enough here to sow and plant everything else, besides the early stuff that's out. Tomatoes, squash, beans, peppers, well everything. Happy gardening!

  5. je suis attiré par ton blog qui m'inspire beaucoup de chose, nature, tricot, crochet, cuisine,.....
    mes félicitations, je te souhaite bonne journée dans ton univers vert naturel.
    à binetôt

  6. Wow, I aspire to grow like you, but have barely got started with my new garden at all yet :op
    I am a terror for forgetting to water things too.
    One year though I used toilet roll tubes for planting courgette seeds in to prevent disturbance - worked really well !!


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