Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A little bit of happy housekeeping....

Today is a bit of a test post to see if I can get my head around something that I think will be fun and a little bit exciting.  I have recently joined an Etsy affiliates program which means I can earn a small commission from Etsy sales directed from this blog.  

Now, I spend quite a lot of time browsing on Etsy anyway, and do find lots of lovely things that I think would be good to share over here with all you crafty, supportive peeps,  however I have to admit I haven't done one of those type of posts, just because I am a bit techno inadequate and wasn't sure how to use photos from other places and do all the linky things right.  
So this is the kick in the pants I need to face my techy fears and have a crack!

So I headed over to check out  Dottie Angels shop, and yes, it has some gorgeous Dottie things in it today!  
I like these handy notebooks, and lovely tea towels that have been given the Dottie Angel treatment.

I really hope I have got these links working right!

The exciting part is that there are so many clever crafty peeps out there, making beautiful things, I am really looking forward to highlighting some of them here on Little Woollie and sharing the handmade love around.  I really like to support small creative businesses, I think everyone benefits when people can make a living from their creative passions.  I have also found lots of great crafty supplies that have got my creative spirits soaring, (so many washi tape patterns!! swoon!) so I'll be sharing some of those as well.

So, do you shop on Etsy? 
Maybe you have a shop of your own and are already selling gorgeous things?
Do you think a weekly round up of my Etsy surfing finds would be interesting?
Maybe a 'Friday Finds' thing, or something like that......

Anyway, that's my bit of interesting news for today, what's been happening at your place?


  1. I'm also a technophobe who's trying to learn and catch up with it all. As part of this process I've just opened my first Etsy shop HideandTweed to sell my handstitched leather journals. Who knows, there may even be a blog to follow at some point! Julie

  2. 'Friday Finds' sounds like a brilliant idea Jules !
    Kate x

  3. How exciting! Friday Finds sounds great, Looking forward to it!

  4. I love a good round-up! I'm a big fan of Etsy so "Friday Finds" sounds great :-)

  5. I think its a great idea- showcasing other peoples work and hopefully getting something back yourself. I also like the 'Friday Finds'....or maybe 'Tuesday Treats'?!

  6. Yes please....a Friday Finds thing would be wonderful...well I would love it anyways..x

  7. I would love that type of thing! Have a beautiful day!


  8. I love those tea towels! What a great way to share creative goodness :) Thank you!

  9. Go for it, there is so many nice things on Etsy and in other online shops that it's easy to get lost. The idea of having someone pointing out lovely finds is very attractive indeed. Besides you know that your followers have the same taste as you, it's a recipe for success ��
    Good luck

  10. I am an Etsy addict, I have bought artwork, retro stuff and jewellery just to name a few things LOL. Some of the postage rates are huge so I always check that out first.

  11. Lovely idea. I'll be checking them out.
    Blessings Gail

  12. I'm an etsy much lovely stuff....

  13. I'm just in the throes of setting up my shop and very new to Etsy so yes,I would definitely find a blog post from you very helpful. Very best wishes for your new venture, Tracey xx

  14. Hi Julie
    There has been many warnings yesterday for everyone to change all Etsy passwords as Etsy has been hacked and is now unsafe....please be careful and good luck with your new fun Friday.

  15. Wow! Those are amazing finds. The notebooks look absolutely adorable. I've done my fair share of browsing stuff on etsy and I've found some really amazing things. I really appreciate some of the handcrafted items listed for sale because of the sheer beauty of their craftsmanship. Anyway, congratulations on joining the etsy program! Good luck!

    Eric Rotkow @ Coffee Dunn


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