Monday, April 14, 2014

Holiday Crochet - Flower love

Wow, we are already into the second week of the holidays here, and each day seems to have flown!  So much so that I keep thinking I'll blog tomorrow, and then the whole week has rolled around and there are no posts!  Sorry about that.  We did go away for a couple of days last week, and that always throws the weekly schedule out the window, so I will just have to make up for it this week, I do have lots of things to share with you all actually!
It is also nearly the middle of April and I haven't done my April giveaway yet, think I will come back later today with that.  The months come  around so quickly!

Anyway, as I have mentioned before, I am doing a little stall at the Western Port Craft Festival held in Hastings ( Victoria, Australia, not the UK one!) in a couple of weeks, so have been hooking up some flowers to add to the table.  I am trying to have some inexpensive things available as well as the dearer things, I know not everyone wants to buy a blanket!
I am thinking that these cute flowers would be nice to embellish other craft works, and am going to sell little sets of flowers.  I have seen them on Etsy and they seem to sell.   
I had forgotten how fun flowers are to hook up, I am loving all the colour possibilities!  I am also going to do some sets in cotton, they have quite a different look.
The 3 colour daisy flower is one of my favourite flower patterns, I love the look of the outlined petals.
Do you have a favourite flower that you like to hook up?

So even though we have been out and about I have been able to have my trusty little hooky bag with me and have managed to complete quite a few flowers on the run!

Sorry for the overdose of pictures, but they are actually making me feel very cheery this morning, lovely and bright and colourful.  The sun is shining outside, I can hear lots of gardening sounds, mowers and what not, busy on what looks like a gorgeous Autumn day, I think I will head outside soon too.

Ok I think that is all for now, I will be back soon with a giveaway post, just got to decide what to give way this month, a fun job.

Are your kids on school holidays too?
Getting any crafty time in?
What do you like to do when it is blue skies outside?



  1. These are perfect! They look so sturdy, sometimes the ones with more petals get a bit scraggly looking but i love these. A nice big bowl of these would make me cheery too and I think you're onto a winner :-) I'm not sure if I will get more or less crafty time when the kids are on holidays in a few days time. It's really difficult to say, sometimes they entertain Flynn which frees up some more time for me but then again it is generally more chaotic with them all at home so we'll just have to see.... Mel x

  2. Seeing all these flowers,you bet are making me cheery, even at 4.30am as I cannot sleep again!So are you going to make a garland or just embelish something with the little beauties?lastly it is the school holidays, snd when its nice out I love to potter in my garden growing stuff x

  3. I love all the colors and the flowers make me feel like it really is spring and summer is on it's way... How fun and pretty! We are not on holiday here in the US, but it's bee beautiful weather and that always makes me happy. Beautiful work.

  4. Morning Jules
    That is such a good idea to sell little packets of flowers - I can see those selling like hot cakes ! ( Wish it was in Hastings UK ! )
    Glad you're making the most of the holiday,
    Have a good week
    Kate x

  5. your flowers are so cheerful!!!!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  6. You can never have too many flowers - real or crochet! - not in my book anyway. Like Kate I wish that your sale was in Hastings UK, but I hope that it does really well for you and that the flowers are a great success, I can imagine people buying them and embellishing all sorts of things with them to make them look pretty - of course I would string them up to make more flower garlands, as I don't think that you can have enough flower garlands!! Hope that you have a great week. xx

  7. Love the way you combine your colours! Hope you sell lots of flowers, have fun :)

  8. What a cheery site to behold this gloomy day here. Thanks! I love the outline on these. I like to hook up roses and daffodils, and of course a daisy type flower, oh nearly forgot, sunflowers. lol Since we're just coming out of a l-o-n-g winter, anything outside is wonderful, just finished planting potatoes before the rain hits. I like to crochet on the porch swing, or in the hammock, down near the creek. Our school holiday has just passed. The girls have new chicks in the house to play with, till they join the hens in the coop. Happy Autumn!

  9. I do enjoy all your lovely photographs, they are always so bright and cheerful, especially as we are only beginning to come out of what seemed to be an eternal winter.

  10. I love all of your flowers and color combinations. I can visualize a row of those flowers around the cuffs of my jean jacket, or the bottoms of my jeans! Good luck at your stall. I'm sure you will sell a lot as your crocheting is wonderful.

    Cindy Bee

  11. Oh how I wish that your stall was here in the UK too - I love your flowers they are so bright and colourful, enough to put a smile on anyones face. I too have been crocheting flowers this week, for an Easter themed wreath that I am making. Good luck on your stall.

  12. I love your flower bed! It makes me think and fell Spring has arrived! They are so pretty and cheerful. If you make small cotton ones, they can be sold in groups of 4 or 6 for scrapbookers. Just a suggestion.

  13. Hey Julie, your flowers are lovely and such an easy little make......they'll look lovely on your stall and you're right about having a variety of priced items for sale.
    If I can make a suggestion.......I love using them to decorate a gift, they look great on a brown paper wrapped parcel tied and a crochet flower added. Maybe you could have some suggestions or pics to inspire shoppers at the market on how to use them?!......
    I have my 2 nieces from the UK staying this week and I'm hoping I'll be able to teach them to crochet while they're here, but I better get cracking the time will fly by.
    Have a great week,

    Claire x

  14. The flowers are great. You could add them onto hair clips to sell too!

  15. Wow what noce colorfull flowers.
    April 28 the kids have fourteen day free from school.
    When th weather is nice we go outside. If it's not we watch movies or do some crafting.

  16. I love flowers too, i've only very recently got them sussed, well one sort anyway, last night in a bid to try a new one i did but not sure it was actually the pattern i was supposed to be following. Is there a link for these somewhere? as in a pattern? I have used my flowers recently on a wreath, card, put them on seed labels so a few friends can add them to a plant, strung them to some twiggy branches, i love them :) Happy Easter

  17. Think it a great idea to sell a set of flowers, should hopefully go down well. I too love making flowers, but have become really stuck with the daffodil, so have given up at present. At the moment I am really enjoying the beautiful blue skies here in the south of UK and enjoying the tulips in the garden. Pop over and see you would be most welcome x

  18. Love the flowers! Do you have any details on the Hastings market, I've googled but there's very little. I'm in Langwarrin so though I might pop down for a look.

  19. Is the pattern for the flowers available on your websites or are they only for sale? I would like to make a garland or scarf.


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