Thursday, March 27, 2014

Autumn harlequin finish!

Well another week is flying by, already Thursday, where have those days gone!  I don't know what's happened to my resolve to blog more often either.  Sorry about that.

Anyway, here is my latest finished thing, the Autumn Harlequin blanket,  I so love making these blankets that they seem to take half the time of other things.  It has been fun working with a new colour palette, and I have grown to really like the warmer, slightly more sombre tones in this blanket.
What do you think? Are you into more muted colours, or bright and vibrant?  I think I like them all!!

So here are a few details:

This blanket is 110cm x70cm approximately, (Cot sized or a nice knee rug size) including the border.

I used 19 balls of 50g wool:
Yarn: Heirloom Merino Magic 8 ply.
Here's the colour breakdown:
Mustard (509) x 3
Papaya (502) x 3
Rusty orange (209) x 1
Plum (216) x 2
Peacock blue (232) x 1
Sea blue (217) x 2
sea green (221) x 2 
grass green (223) x 3
Grey (206) x 2

(I think this colour scheme could be really nice for granny squares or stripes too. I am thinking of making an Autumn star stitch blanket next.)

This wool is available in my shop if you would like to have a closer look!)

The pattern was the basic Harlequin tapestry crochet pattern that I have been going on about for ages now, it is such a lovely technique!  I haven't written it up properly yet as a pattern, but I am sure you can figure it out from my tutorial over here if you are interested.

So that is one thing out of the way. I am trying to finish off  lot of projects that I have lying around the place.  I am doing the Western Port Craft Festival again this year in April, and I don't want to take all the same stuff as last year!  
Nothing like a craft stall to give me motivation to Get Things Finished! :)

How has you week been? 
Have you been finishing things off too?



  1. Such a pretty blanket, the color combination is gorgeous and I love the edging details! Kuddos! I think I'm like you, loving pretty much all colors! Thank you for sharing your color breakdown as well, you're an inspiration!

  2. The colors are beautifull matched, byebye

  3. Another Jules triumph - beautiful. Your work is so unique and yes, I love the new colour tones too, as you say, perfect for Autumn.
    How exciting to be working towards a craft fair - how I'd love to jump on a plane and come to it !
    Have a good day Jules,
    Kate x

  4. I love it! I imagine it's lovely and thick and warm!!!! Perfect for the impending cooling off as autumn advances :)

  5. such a beautiful bright thing :-)
    your edges are so very straight and neat:
    my blankets are usually quite wibblywobbly!

  6. This is so clever, it has made me so confused. I can't see how patterns like this are made, and so beautifully neat too. I love the colours together, they are perfect autumn colours x

  7. I just love this. I love the colour palette and it's such a super design. I might have to put it on my list as I'm wanting to make some new cushions for my sofa and this would be just lovely to try!

    Have a super rest of a week!

    Vanessa xxx

  8. Love everything about it ! I really love to try this myself....

  9. Oh my I LOVE this and now I have another blanket I simply MUST put on my forever growing list!! Thank you for the beautiful inspiration, I love your work xoxo

  10. Oh stop! You are making me much too jealous! It is too beautiful and the colours too perfect together. Some people are so talented and I must say my dear lady that you are one of them. Thanks for sharing this lovely piece with us! :)

  11. Cudowny koc. Fantastycznie dobrane kolory. Pozdrawiam.

  12. fabulous, beautiful, gorgeous! I can't get enough of this stitch! ......maybe someday I ought to try it! LOL!

  13. It looks lovely, I really like this colour combo. Hope that your craft sale goes well! xx

  14. Beautiful! It captures the tone of autumn, but still maintains a vibrancy. I wonder what winter shades you'll choose? ;-) Chrissie x

  15. I love your autumn colours - muted but still bright - if you can have both at the same time! I am at the opposite end of the spectrum to you, doing my Country Fresh Blanket which is very spring like (for here in the UK). Take a peek if you fancy it at Have a lovely day. Jane x

  16. It is gorgeous.
    Hugs to you,

  17. Oh, it beautiful! I too like all colors, just whatever I'm in the mood for at the time. Love the edging on this, it suits it. I have this on my 'to do list', with s-o many things. lol I need to finish numerous WIP's, at the moment I'm working on crochet eggs in thread for a bowl full to display Easter. Good luck with the craft fair, which I'm sure you wont need it. :)

  18. HI Jules!
    I am in love with your harlequin colors! They are so warm... I'd like to make such for my baby-to-come :) Though I am finishing off another blanket for him, but its colors are a little dark, so I want to make one in more bright (may be different tints of green with yellow!)
    Congrats on the project accomplishment, I know it means a lot for crocheters :)

  19. Just love how you come up with these designs, so colourful and inspiring x

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  21. Hi there, I really love love love this blanket, the joins are soooo perfect :)
    I've just started blogging, please do visit my blog (so Im not talking to myself :)

  22. Just had a glance at your tutorial on how to make up this pattern, it's quite easy I see. And so your finished item is also a 'double thickness' so to speak, so extra warm as well!! Pat :)

  23. I like both colour palettes but I don't have any particular colour bias. I really love this harlequin pattern, I must give it a go. I have a few other projects that I should first.

  24. Gorgeous blanket Julie, love the colours. I'm into Autumn tones and muted colours but really I like them all as well.
    It's raining here this morning, it's lovely, must make some soup......perfect meal in a mug.
    I have dates for next years folk festival so you can book in to the caravan park if you haven't already done so. It's 20th - 22nd of march 2015........hope you make it, it would be great to catch up.......enjoy the weekend...x

  25. I do a few craft stalls to get shot of surplus stuff from making patterns and trying out new things, I like the way it makes space for more things to be created. Jo x

  26. Congratulations!!!!. Good job. Kisses from Argentina. Thank you for the tuto.

  27. This is just wonderful, well your stills this week too, especially your boys! :) x

  28. It looks lovely. I like the colours and pattern. Will check out your tutorial and have a go myself.


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