Sunday, February 2, 2014

Garden Share Collective February 2014

It is time for an update of the food garden for the Garden Share Collective, and how it's coping with the hot weather we have had this Summer.  
Well, it isn't looking great at the moment, I am keeping the water up to things that are looking like they will give a worthwhile crop, but am letting some things tough it out with lesser amounts of water.

Planting: During January I have not really planted anything new at all!
Harvesting: We are harvesting lots of beans at the moment, plus some potatoes that came up in random spots. We have also had lots of zucchini, some coriander before it bolted and the end of the carrots.
To Do During February :I will be trying to keep the tomatoes well watered as they are growing strongly and have quite a few tomatoes forming already ( I planted them quite late this year), also want to keep the pumpkins, beans and melons well watered as they are looking promising too.  I'm also going to keep an eye on the sweetcorn, as it is nearly ready to harvest and I don't want caterpillars to attack.
:I am thinking a sowing of salad greens, beetroot, spring onions and carrots would be good this month, so need to clear a couple of beds that have become weedy.
:I need to give the tomatoes a liquid feed.
:I need to keep on top of the mowing and whipper snipping!

......Pumpkins wilting in the midday sun....

 ....Rattlesnake beans growing well...

 ....sweetcorn nearly ready to pick, Yum!...... tomatoes are looking good, but no ripe fruit yet.....

 .....much of the garden looks like this Im afraid, too many scorching days.....

 ...... potatoes seem to like this spot though!

How is your garden growing?


  1. Growing your own veg is good fum to do and it tastes like nothing shop brought.your veg is all looking good x

  2. Oh my word our garden is a tip! I can't wait for spring and all that lovely lush green new growth. I love looking at your posts - they make me remember warm days.

  3. Wow, you have loads of things growing and doing really well. You will have a great harvest there. I just wish that the spring would come here so that we could get growing again, it is far far too cold to even think about veggie planting yet! Never mind, I can come and look at yours instead for now! xx

  4. It is so fun to see your garden!!!
    all that is growing in my garden right now is snow and more snow.
    of course with your scorching heat you would probable like a small little patch of snow in your garden ; )

  5. It's looks amazing! I sadly haven't got a garden, just a narrow back yard with very little sunshine plus Wales isn't exactly the sunniest climate but I have a few herbs pots and someday, I would love a proper little garden with a vegetable patch :-)

  6. My garden is scorching day by's hard to watch but I try and give some relief with water in the evenings...we need a good dump of rain!

  7. Your garden is such an inspiration! I wish I had as much sun as you do. I thought to plant some lettuces this winter, but didn't. So busy with work.

  8. Those beans do look rather sad, I just pulled the last of mine out since they just couldn't take the heat. Hope some rain and cooler days are on there way for you. Its sad to see your plants so wilted, yet it looks like you will be harveting some great things soon.

  9. Jules what fabulous photographs, a joy to look at. You are doing so well, a great post Jules, thanks so much.

  10. Much the same as your, some going great, others suffering in the heat. I'm with you on the watering too, some things just need to tough it out. The sweet corn looks great, mine has some nice looking cobs forming, but still a ways off, and some don't have any cobs at all, not sure what that is about.


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