Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Weekly Stills....

1. Jesse and his mates smashing it out at the Balnarring Muso's night last week, my boy plays the drums, loud!

2. Look what one of my boy's friends found in the gutter near their home, I couldn't let that sad little face go to the pound, so we have a new kitty in the family.

3 + 4. The boy's and their friends swimming at the dredge hole, what a fabulous place.

5. Idyllic place for a cool drink and quiet read....

6 + 7. Yarn bombing spotted in Yea.

8. Car crochet, perfect activity for a long drive.

Joining in with Em and the others at The Beetle Shack


  1. I love car crochet, and yours is wonderful! What a face on that kitty, would have been very hard not to keep him/her.

  2. Nice pictures - little kitty looks so cute, and I love the crochet pics. :)

  3. What a cute little kitten - what are calling her? xxx

  4. Aaaw poor kitten so glad you've rescued him, hope you have loads of fun with him.

  5. Great pics! Love the kitty and the yarn bombing ones best.

  6. I love a car and needle n thread! My husband loves to drive! Recipe for 49 yr marriage! PS: love yr new kitty..

  7. Oh that little cat's face. I am a bit cat mad anyway, but she is so lovely.

  8. What fun and relaxation in these pictures! I love all the camping pics from the last post too. These no school times outdoors with boys are some of the best moments in my life too!

  9. Jules what lovely photographs, thankyou for sharing them with us all - they made me smile. Big hugs

  10. Drums, yikes, that's one loud instrument......good on him.
    My dad used to practice the bag pipes in the lounge room!!!
    A sweet little kitten, does it have a name yet?
    Love the lacy yarn/doiley thingy bombing. Am hatching a secret plan to do something
    on the same lines involving doilies, but please don't tell anyone it's a secret.
    Great pics from an Aussie Summer.

    Claire x

  11. What a great looking kitten! Realy love him/her


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