Wednesday, January 15, 2014

from my bookshelf....


Well I hope everyone in South Eastern Australia is staying cool and coping with the heat wave ok!
Looks like we have 2 more days of over 40 degrees ahead and then cooler temperatures will move in.
Our house has been very warm, but it is a good excuse to have lots of cold drinks and icy poles and laze around watching the tennis for good chunks of the day, the other chunks have been spent finding relief at the beach.  I actually love the Summer holidays, no routines and lots of relaxing mooching around, I'll be quite sad when the boys go back to school and life becomes serious again.

Today I thought I might start a little weekly post and share some of my crafty books with you all.
I have quite a large collection of crafty/ inspiring books, which I added too quite substantially on our recent holiday. We visited many bookshops and I like to support the smaller book retailers so found myself with many new titles when we got home!

So anyhoo, have you heard of Print and Pattern by Bowie Style?  I love these books, there are now 3 books in this series and I think there is a geometric pattern one coming out at some stage.

These books are a feast for the eyes, full of graphic designers, illustrators, surface designers and other creative types that don't quite fit one description.  Each designer has a couple of pages showing examples of their work, so many gorgeous patterns and designs!  I love looking at all the fabulous work that people do, I find it totally inspiring!
There are well known names and ones that were new to me, so many talented creative types!
And quite a few Australians too!

Would you like to have a little peek at a few pages inside the Print and Pattern Kids?  Yes?

As you can see these books are full of colour and pattern, two of my favourite things! :)
There is just something about books full of beautiful patterns and illustrations that I really love, there is always something new to discover in them.

Print And Pattern is also a great blog by Marie Perkins aka Bowie Style,where she shares lot of great surface pattern designers work, I love popping over there and seeing what's new.

So that is the first lot of books from my bookshelf that I thought you might enjoy, I'll show you another one of my new books next week.

Have great day, hope you get a few creative moments out of it! :) 



  1. Beautiful books! You will have lots to look at to inspire you now for sure. xx

  2. What lovely books Jules, I think sometimes we are so reliant on the computer for images and these books are a real antidote to this.
    Especially love the rabbit in the teacups !
    have a good, if very hot, day,
    Kate x

  3. Very pretty books! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for sending me to a warm area for a few moments; it's winter here in the States and some days it feels as though it'll never warm up!

  4. Coming from the Polar Vortex of the US midwest, the heat reference was interesting:) LOVED your sharing of these books. The author/publisher should give you a bonus as I immediately went and purchased the Print and Pattern Kids from Amazon because of your sharing!

    I too LOVED the time when my kids had school break, and hated when they had to go back.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I, too, love books. There is something about feeling them in my hands, flipping through the pages over and over and having them all in a bookcase. Mmmmm!


  6. Jules your books look mouth-wateringly fabulous and I would love to get my hands on them all - a wonderful post as always, hope you keep cool and happy. Lots of love

  7. Wish I hadn't read this post!!! Now I want that book......:(
    Will just pop over to Marie's blog and have a look......x

  8. I could probably spend hours looking at books like these, there's just so much to take in and get your creative juices flowing! I've never heard of Bowie Style so that will be one to look out for. Hope things are cooling down a bit for you down there!

  9. Love the look of these books! I would have to tear myself away from them!

  10. Hi Julie, these books look amazing, and I've never seen then, how could that be?!! I'm like a seagull on a hot chip with books like this. Will have to keep an eye out for them. Thanks for sharing : -)


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