Monday, October 7, 2013

weekly stills

Stills this week:

1. Morning sun on the messy day bed.

2. Rickety piers at Sorrento.

3. Holiday wandering.

4. First bearded iris of the season, yay!

5. The chookies having fun amongst the weeds.

6. I have a bad habit of putting things half away, I get them out of my way, but not back where they belong.   These bowls don't actually belong teetering on the edge of the bench.

7. Making a sample for my star kits, nearly there!

8. Flea market find of the week, 2 mid-century bar stools, in really good nick, with swivel seats as well!
Perfect for our bench and looking fab in our kitchen. Thanks to my observant parents who spotted these beauties and bought them for me, a bargain at $10 each!!  
( Just keeping it real with my "lived in" looking kitchen in this photo!:) ) 

Joining in with The Beetle Shack for Emily's link thing.


  1. oh how I miss Sorrento! I didn't know you were Aussie! I used to live down there

  2. Beautiful stills! Have a super week!

    Vanessa xxx

  3. What lovely bar stools and such a bargain! I'm a bit envious. And I absolutely love those bowls.

  4. I fell hard for your first out picture. Lovely composition. It feels like I am right there ready to jump in and cuddly up. :D
    My Rose Valley

  5. Love your" lived in" kitchen makes me feel normal. ;)
    Beautiful as always

  6. Lovely pics, especially the chickens and your new fabulous bar stools.
    Sally xxx

  7. a lovely walk through your week, I do love your chooks and good luck with your star kits x

  8. Those bar stools are fantastic and they were a steal! They give me hope! I'm looking for a couple of chairs to go with our new couch in our lounge room. I've found a few vintage tv chairs on ebay that would be perfect, but the prices they have gone for have amazed me. Hoping the right ones pop up at an op shop or a market, for much less. Fingers crossed.

    Loving that first image as well too. It sums up warmth, home and love beautifully.



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