Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October garden

So I thought I'd record a few bit of the garden for October, it is really all about the blossom at the moment, with all the apple trees and the cherry tree in full flower, it is pretty stunning.

......the front garden, with the standard flowering cherry, this one is just ornamental, but still so pretty.....

.......this is the  fruiting cherry tree blossom, I think this is the most laden with flowers this tree has ever been, so I have high hopes for a big cherry crop this year, I'll have to net the tree if we want any though......

...........gorgeous apple blossom....

....we still have lots of kale ready to eat in the vegie garden, I have been very slack this year, and we didn't have a lot growing over winter  (other than weeds!), but the kale has been great........

....and these lettuces have been really successful too, I just pick what we need for a meal and they keep on growing strong.......

........this is kind of what the rest of the garden is looking like at the moment, very wild and unruly!....there is a lot of colour though, as my focus on flowers earlier in the year has paid of and they are in bloom now, so nice to pick a bunch from the backyard..........

.....I have these poppies coming up all over the place, quite wildly, they are so pretty that it is hard to be ruthless and pull them out where they are in the way of other things, and the bees love them! ....So I guess they have enough redeeming qualities to earn a spot in the garden...

 ...and lastly the roses are starting to flower as well, and I can smell their gorgeous scent as I wander around the garden, just lovely.....

I am getting my act together for summer veg, I have sown seeds of lots of different tomatoes, I loved being able to make really colourful tomato salads last year and want to do it again, so red, orange, yellow, purple and green tomatoes have been sown, can't wait to see how they do this year.
Also put in zucchini, rattlesnake beans, spring onions, cucumbers, sunflowers, cantaloupes, lettuce, carrots, beetroot, pumpkins, potatoes and sweetcorn, so hope to have lots of home grown things to eat this season!
 I think I just have to put in herbs like basil and coriander and a few capsicums and I think we will have most of the things we eat for summer!

Now I just have to tame my wild garden and everything should be sweet! :)

How does your garden grow at the moment?
Do you grow some/any of your food?

Have a great day, talk soon! 



  1. At the moment I only have silverbeet which is starting to go to seed. I have a couple of seedlings in at the moment which are looking healthy, I think they are chillies and cucumbers. The other seedlings I planted all died off unfortunately because I couldn't water them. I discovered on the day I planted my seedlings that the hose had finally perished completely over the winter and more water was coming out the entire length of the hose than was coming out the end. The hose has now been replaced so I rounded up ALL the vegetable seeds I could find, mixed them all up and scattered them into the earth. Hopefully SOMETHING will grow. :)
    xXx Helen

  2. HI Jules
    You're garden looks so lovely, its so strange to see pictures of blossom in October ! The poppies are just stunning.
    If you get a chance have a look at my blog as I have mentioned your beautiful cloths in my latest post.
    Have a good day,

  3. Your garden is gorgeous. I must admit to detesting kale though, it tastes hideous to me but I'm sure those dark green leaves are very good for your. I try to grow some veges in the summer when we have more sun in the garden. Winter is a just to dark and damp up in our part of the Dandenongs.
    Anne xx

  4. Looking enviously at your beautiful garden as we head towards winter. I still have a mega crop of potatoes and runner and french beans - it's been a good year for veg here but I didn't manage your fantastic organisation and variety. I should get my act together and do more kale because caldo verde is so tasty! Your photographs are lovely, btw:-)

  5. Your plants are lovely, but what struck me first of all was your rather eye-catching fence.

  6. I envy you your garden as we are also heading into winter. I started with a lovely garden, but the local deer decided my garden was planted just for them! We fenced the garden and then one morning looked out to see the deer standing in the garden, guess that fence was just not tall enough, oh well, we will try again next spring! Love your pictures!

  7. I love visiting Southern hemisphere blogs as the weather is always the opposite. We grow loads of our own veg and we still have beetroot, beans and parsnips to go. My Autumn raspberries are still putting in an appearance too. Lovely photos. Jo x

  8. Looks like you've had a beautiful Spring as well all the blossom and that Cherry is laden with flowers. I think I can count the flowers on our Cherry trees!!
    Love the Poppies, gorgeous colours, I think if they've gone to all the effort to grow and bloom in unusual places they should be allowed to grow there, but it is hard not to pull them out.
    Unruly translates as interesting to me.....lots of interesting nooks and crannies and things to be discovered......
    I've planeted lettuce, zucchini, eggplant a couple of tomatoes and there are capsicum seedlings ready to go in. I hope to grow more of our salad veg this year, but there are only 3 of us, so we don't need all that much, but it's always nice to give home grown veg away.........

  9. Thank you for a walk through your beautiful garden, your camera has caught some wonderful spring flowers. I love your little fence too, so eye catching. My own garden is very small and still in the middle of doing landscaping, so no plants started as yet, It is our Autumn (fall) here so I'm hoping to start planting next spring.

  10. Your garden is wonderful, a little with vegie and a little with magical flowers, which create unusuall atmosphere, thank you for picturesque pictures,have a good day, ania

  11. Wow productive!
    So funny when we're gearing up for cold and autumn then I read posts from the SH about spring, it amazes me every season.

    The Little Room of Rachell


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