Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Good things about Spring.....


I thought I would share a few good things about Spring with you today, I love the change of seasons and the way they break up the year into manageable portions.  Each new season has me making plans for things to do in the next few months, and Spring is no exception.  The year is marching on!  I have Big Plans for Spring, I have to admit a lot of them are Big Plans for Winter that didn't quite make it.  I have garden plans,  crafty plans, getting into shape plans (this one tends to carry over many seasons, I'm struggling a bit with self discipline), getting-the-house-looking-good plans, menu plans, wool shop plans, and the list goes on. You get the picture, plenty of plans!

....One of my plans is to make a few Christmas presents this year, so Spring is the time to start if I am going to have things finished by December ( I like to have plenty of time!)  These little squares are actually destined for presents, I am going to call them face washers and make a bit of a bath kit with them and some soap or something like that.  I have made them from cotton and kept these 2 pretty bright, I think they will add a bit of fun to bath time for my nieces.  

...think I might make a few more of these in other colour combos, they are a bit addictive.....

......in other news, I have repotted all my dead and dying pots with some lovely Spring Colour.  (Not really earth shattering news I know, but anyhow.)  My garden is big and it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the things that need some work, all the weedy unkempt areas, so I decided to concentrate on the area near the back door  and make it a pretty place to sit and have a break.
Now I can look at my pots and see something actually achieved and feel a little bit proud.  I am thinking that I will tackle little chunks of the garden over the next few weeks and try and get it in good shape.  One step at a time....

...I love how this is such a nice blossomy time of year, plus it is pretty windy around here, so it often looks like it is snowing petals, very charming!.....

....my special daffys have opened and they are so pretty don't you think?....

....and our chooks are back on the lay, hooray!  lots of fresh eggy goodness every day around here, 
(I was a bit worried that I had duds as they were taking their time coming on the lay, but all is forgiven now and I love my little flock of different breeds, such nice colourful eggs).....

Anyway, that's all for now, what's happening in your patch?
Got any plans for the new season? 



  1. beautiful candy face wash clothes!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  2. Reading your post reminded me that I bought the Earth Garden magazine today and it is patiently waiting for me to snuggle up in bed. I have garden plans and other plans too so I need to consult my planting guides and work out what to put in the garden now.
    xXx Helen

  3. Hello Jules, Happy Spring to you. Your daffy's and Spring colors in your gardens are exquisite... your Tapestry crochet clothes are truly beautiful.. I see your chooks are as Happy as you are about Spring.. VBG hugs Judy

  4. Love your face wash cloths, what lovely presents. Waiting for Autumn here but for now Summer goes on. All the best, Pam

  5. Beautiful colors and photo's, I enjoyed visiting, have a good week!

  6. Its refreshing seeing the Spring things, I love this time of year too..... its a time of new beginings. Love the colours on the wash cloths. We are getting ready for Autumn, although it seems like Summer has decided to stay for a little while longer..... ( never to complain about that ) but am looking forward to Autumn colours.... (Every Season has something doesnt ) I am enjoying your Blog. Thank you for sharing.

  7. I think I need to try your tapestry crochet pattern! The presents look lovely and I'm sure the recipients will be very pleased with them. I know I would be. I always enjoy reading your blog, it's very inspirational and full of colour.

  8. Your cloths came out very nice :-) Such bright pretty colors.
    Thanks for sharing your spring post.
    Blessings :-)

  9. I love having a plan, not that I ever remember to finish them all. I'll have to start making lists soon to,remind me of my plans. Lol.
    Your face cloths are so lovely and a brilliant Christmas gift. Your garden is coming to life and looks really colourful, mine is coming to the end as we slowly drift into autumn. I have just bought and planted my winter pansies.

    Sally xxx

  10. Love the washcloths and the colorful eggs...how fu !

  11. Those will make a perfect present! Thanks for sharing the tapestry technique, I was looking for it :)
    Your garden flowers seem doing well. How is the weather there?
    Have a nice day!

  12. Hi Jules,Your garden looks great so early in spring!!!!Love the facecloths!!!Have a great day!!!

  13. great !
    Greetings from Poland :)


  14. I too have a large garden--or backyard we say--and lately I have felt overwhelmed with it. I have thoughts of moving to a condominium where there is only maybe a balcony for a few pots. Really though, I don't think I'll do it. I just need to, like you say, take bits of it at a time.

  15. Hi Jules,

    I love your blog and all things crochet that you post! I was wondering If there is ny chance I could get the patterns for your lovely granny square toys?! I would love to make some!

    Also, I live in melbourne and was wondering if you know of any crochet groups? I am relatively new to this craft and would love to ge some tips from other crocheters!

  16. Hey Julie, I'm playing catchup on blog posts, it's been lovely looking at your pics and reading about your gardening dilemma.....
    Our large yard is going berserk with grass and weeds springing up everywhere. I find it hard to get under control and the fact that I flit from here to there when boredom sets in doesn't help. But I do love the whipper snipper and he's my bestest gardening buddy. Love having the edges trimmed around garden beds and plants, then an hour on the ride on and things don't look quite so bad.
    I have the same Daffs and they are just gorgeous, so many different colours and shapes around now. I have a bright yellow and orange one which reminds me of scrambled eggs!
    Love the wash cloths, gorgeous colours and what a wonderful gift.....might have to whip out the crochet hook and start playing.
    My girls have finally started laying, but sadly one chook along with our rooster were killed by a fox recently.......first fox attack in 11 years, but still quite traumatic. Have acquired a new rooster and he's settling in very nicely and quite the gentleman too.

    Claire x


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