Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Crochet Along Update #9


I have been making some headway with the mixed stripe crochet along blanket, so here is the next bit!

After the red dc cluster row and the dark blue row of sc,

1 row of 4dc clusters in spearmint, ( 3 stitches between each cluster),

then, 1 row sc in dark blue across top of clusters,,  (every 4th sc in gap between clusters),

then, skinny stripes, 5 rows of sc, all done on the right side, alternating between pale pink and sky blue, 

then, a zig zag section in light aqua and flamingo, 

then, 2 rows sc in mid blue, (up and back),

then, 2 rows sc in green, (up and back),

then, a section of outlined clusters in pale blue and celery, 

then, 2 rows sc in dark pink .

That's where I am up to at the moment.

I thought I would show you a couple of pictures of the blanket at the minute, so you can see what it's looking like all together, (very busy!!) it is starting to get nice and big!  
I am over half way now, so the end is in sight!  
I know a lot of you have already gone ahead and finished your blankets, (well done!) but I am still going to complete this project, I'm just a bit slower than you guys!  
I am lacking a bit of self discipline and let myself get side tracked by other ideas that just have to be made right now!

Anyway, have a great day and happy hooking!


  1. Love your blanket, it´s really beautiful!!

  2. It is gorgeous. I am so glad you have a page dedicated to this blanket because I am going to start mine! Thanks so much you are so very talented

  3. Wonderfully creative work. And with so many stitches it is no wonder you have to have other things on the o at the same time. But,I think by doing that you will still love it at the end of your journey

  4. That is looking good, so bright and colourful. And what a good idea, no boredom setting in with selecting something new for each stripe.
    S xx

  5. Your blanket looks beautiful, now I feel sorry that I didn´t stick with you. I created a pillow from the first few updates, but never made the big blanket.

  6. AMAZING! that is all I can think to say. It is just... amazing. Jo x

  7. Очень красивое и не обыкновенный плед.

  8. Hi Jules,This is really an amazing blanket!!!I love the colors and I really love the different patterns in the blanket!!!Is it a heavy blanket?!!!Have a great day!!!

  9. HI Jules,
    Sooooo lovely, just makes me want to do a bit more of mine but I'm at work and my crochets at home :(

  10. Gorgeous! You make me want to make one myself!

  11. so BEAUTIFUL! I'm inspired to start one now. But I've got a long list of WIPs that needs tackling first.

    I love your use of colours. you manage to make your blanket look 'zingy' but relaxing at the same time. gorgeous x

  12. What a lovely blanket. I am having a bit of blanket envy here and feel,the need to make my own, but have a few WIP going at the mo, so will have to wait awhile lol.

    Sally xx

  13. Truly beautiful!
    I like to read an updates from big projects.
    I am making a baby blanket at the moment, but already getting ideas for the big one blanket...


  14. very very beautiful blanket. so so pretty

  15. Olá amiga, tenho um blog sobre artes em geral, o Agulha e Tricot by Tita Carré, já visitastes?
    Adoro teu blog, sempre tem coisas lindas,
    já estou te seguindo,beijokas


  16. Oh my stars I just love your strippy blankets.
    Would love to make one can you tell me where can I find the beginning please?
    Will goggle for the book I love to learn new things. I live in Florida so I will use another yarn and not wool.
    Your colors are beautiful. Am so excited just finished a large blanket so I will be ready to start soon.Thank you very much for sharing your gorgeous works.
    Happy Crocheting,


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